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Sock Dreams

Star Sock Garters

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for all US customers any size order & every day!
You get a gold star for keeping your socks up and a silver star for being uniquely stylish or get them both and mix it up any way you like! These are highly adjustable for a comfortable and secure fit over your socks. Hand made by Sock Dreamers in Portland, Oregon.
Stretchy 1 inch wide black elastic and plastic buttons.
Actual feedback from real customers:
I recently order a pair of star sock garters from the website, and I just wanted to rave about how much I love them! The elastic is wonderfully stretchy and surprisingly comfortable, and they do a magnificent job of keeping my over-the-knee socks in place. Thank you, sewing ninja!
They start out about 18 inches long and will stretch from there, if you don't need them that long, simply cut the extra off. With a separate button hole for every inch of the elastic, these can be adjusted to any size from a few inches around to about 19 inches, unstretched.
We've found that when stretched, they can go up to 33-34 inches at the loosest setting!