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Foot Traffic

Solid Opaque Thigh High

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for all US customers any size order & every day!
They'll stay up on their own, but look really cute with garters attached too. As often happens with these kinds of stockings, they to be more mid thigh, they may even be only over the knees on longer or fuller legs. They are fairly opaque and quite soft with nice bright true colors.
90% nylon, 10% spandex
Hand wash cold, or machine wash on gentle cycle. Line dry.
These would make an excellent Alice in Wonderland sock as she wore solid white stockings like a good little Victorian girl.

Made in Taiwan, Foot Traffic has worked with the same mill for over 20 years and assures us they meet all benchmarks of positive and conscientious standards.

One size.
At least 24 inches from toes to top of cuff, unstretched (sometimes they are up to three inches longer than that, but it varies by batch and by color). The Black and Purple average out at about 29 inches long. These are tube style and should fit most feet.

The maximum stretch for these stockings varies from color to color and the cuff is about 3 inches tighter than the body of the sock. However, most of them will fit comfortably up to at least 22 inches in the thigh, except for the Black, which only stretches to 20 inches. Beyond that, the stretch does tend to change a bit from batch to batch, so if you are concerned as to whether a color will fit you please don't hesitate to email us and we'll happily test the stretch on any color for you.
As of our last test, the stretches for these socks are as follows:
Recommended up 10 25 inch thighs: Royal
Recommended up to 24 inch thighs: Navy, Purple.
Recommended up to 22 inch thighs: Brown, Burgundy, Fuchsia, Graphite, Olive, Red, White.
Recommended up to 18 inch thighs: Black

The cuffs do have a tendency to bite in and roll without garters or sock glue and lose some height as they stretch. These do make a nice raw-top stocking to use with garter belts if you cut the cuff off.

Foot Traffic calls these "semi opaque", which technically means 30-40 denier, but we think these are a bit more opaque than that. They hide leg hair and freckles, but darker tattoos may show, particularly on more stretched areas, like the thighs. See the image of the Black for a good example of a dark tattoo showing through.