Sockwell Socks

Wanting everybody to feel better and be healthier, Sockwell developed graduated compression and relaxed fit/diabetic socks, designed to improve your comfort and health without compromising style. Made in the USA and produced with environmental awareness, Sockwell socks are committed to bettering you and the planet together.


About Sockwell

Sockwell uses their own signature yarn and in doing so they support American sheep farmers, and their wool is sheared from free-grazing Rambouillet merino sheep.


Bamboo rayon is loved for its particularly silky qualities and wool is often synonymous with warm and sturdy. Sockwell turns these two fibers into a unique blend of merino wool and bamboo rayon that is durable, environmentally friendly and utilizes the thermoregulation properties of both wool socks and bamboo socks! Sockwell socks are also knit with spandex through the full sock, so that they don’t bag or droop through the day and stay where they need to stay.

Made in the USA

From their headquarters and design to manufacturing and even where they get their wool, Sockwell is committed to making their socks in the USA! Sockwell’s HomeGrown Wool Initiative works with American sheep farms and shepherds to create a market for their luxurious, fine-micron wool. Combined with their dedication to leaving a small carbon footprint, Sockwell’s American made styles work to leave a positive impact on all the people, communities and environments they touch.


Sockwell socks

Producing both graduated compression socks and relaxed fit/diabetic friendly socks, Sockwell is focusing on combining health and style in socks that support both your health and wellness needs and your fashion sense! All Sockwell socks have a woven, seamless toe and use their signature wool and bamboo blend to make the most comfortable socks they can.

Sockwell compression socks

Just what you need if you want a compression sock with style, Sockwell compression socks are the perfect blend of science and looks! With graduated compression ranges from 15-20 mmHg moderate compression to 20-30 mmHg firm compression, Sockwell has a sock for everybody. There are even socks designed especially for metatarsal support, bunion cushioning and plantar fasciitis!

The way graduated compression socks compress muscles, veins and arteries at the feet and ankles increases arterial pressure, encouraging more blood to return to the heart and not pool in the feet. Instead of focusing just on compression socks for athletes, Sockwell uses their design and technology to look at how everyday life can be improved with support and compression. Their specialty compression socks combine compression, support and padding to give you lift and cushion where you need it—but they don’t skimp on fun colors and patterns. Sockwell socks know that because you need your sock to be more technical doesn’t mean you should give up your sense of style!

Sockwell relaxed fit socks

Sockwell also offers relaxed fit socks designed with a comfortable cuff and light cushioning that are designed especially to be diabetic friendly and perfect for swollen or sensitive feet. Their relaxed leg fit means a looser, “true rib” cuff that doesn’t bind or dig in, exactly the thing sensitive skin or swollen ankles need. Plus, relaxed fit Sockwell socks have snug and comfy cushioning that disperses pressure put on painful points. Whether you’re looking for a technical sock that utilizes graduated compression in just the way you need it, or you want a loose and non-binding sock to be kind to your feet, Sockwell has you covered!