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Coming well past your knees, thigh high socks and stockings are super comfy and often just as sexy. If you're looking for socks that go to the top of your legs or just something like nylon stockings that need a garterbelt to stay up, then this is the height for you!

Known casually as OTKs, over the knee socks reach past your knees, but not quite to your thighs, and include some of the sexiest, comfiest styles around.

Long legs and folks looking for plus size knee high socks may like OTK socks for the extra length and stretch, though if you're looking for plus size over the knee socks, we got those too.

Sick of socks not stretching? Our own line of Extraordinary thigh high socks offers better stretch than any other made in the USA tall socks we've seen! And, if you're stumped on what stocking is right for you, drop us a line and we'll help.

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  1. New
    Super Soft Flounce Top Knee Socks
  2. Marled Stripe Knee Socks
    Now Only $8.40 Regular Price $12.00
  3. Top-Striped Marled Scrunchable Socks
  4. Twisted Yarn Ribbed Over the Knee
  5. Marled Scrunchable Thigh High Socks
  6. New
    Marled Scrunchable Leg Warmer
    Now Only $13.50 Regular Price $15.00
  7. Heather Over the Knee Stockings
    Out of stock
  8. Marled Cable Thigh High
  9. Striated OTK
    Now Only $8.80 Regular Price $11.00
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