Sock It To Me Socks

Sock It To Me is a wildly popular Portland-based sock label that specializes in funky and unique designs! With everything from knee high socks to midcalf socks and even kids socks, these socks are fun, fresh and ready to add some joy to your day!


The Sock It To Me Story

Started in 2004, Sock It To Me socks were inspired by the fun sock designs their founder, Carrie Atkinson, saw when she was teaching English in Korea. Starting as a big idea in a small bedroom office, Sock It To Me keeps growing, bringing fun socks everywhere they can, even to grocery stores and Portland’s famous Powell’s Books! Sock Dreams and Sock It To Mehave worked together for a long time, so long that sometimes people even get our names confused! Though we’re two very different businesses, the big thing we have in common is our love of socks and our desire to offer cool socks to everyone. Sock Dreams is proud to have had custom designs produced by Sock It To Me and to have had another awesome Portland sock company to grow with over all these years!


Types of socks

Back in the early days, Sock It To Me socks were only available in a couple dozen styles and just as knee socks and midcalves (though there were also a few anklets from time to time!). Now they have more styles than we can count and in sizes for everybody! The Sock It To Me styles that Sock Dreams curates are a mix of fits, heights and patterns that range from the newest favorites to long-loved classics.


Knee High Socks

The most distinctive of Sock It To Me socks, their knee high socks offer more space for those funky fresh designs that are their trademark. With everything from cute animals to nerdy indulgences, there’s something for whatever you’re looking for, whether it’s a gift for a friend or a treat for yourself!


Plus Size Socks

The "Stretch-It™" styles boast calf stretch of up to 21 inches while still having enough length to be a true knee high! Ever since they introduced this roomier, comfier fit, they've been upgrading their popular favorites to Stretch-It™, so that more folks can rock their socks!


Midcalf Socks

In the same vein, Sock It To Me offers “men’s socks” sized midcalf styles as an option for larger feet that don’t fit the US women’s shoe size 6-11 (men’s shoe size 4-9) that most of their styles are offered in. Not only do several of their midcalf socks have matching knee highs, for when you want the ultimate in couple cuteness, but we’ve found they can fit a little smaller than their men's US shoe sizes 8-11 (women’s shoe size 9-13) range—meaning that designs unique to the larger footed midcalves are still an option for a women’s shoe size 8!

Crew Socks

Littler feet that want short socks shouldn’t worry though, Sock It To Me also has crew socks that fit a smaller range and are a little bit shorter than their midcalves. Even though there’s less space to work with, they still manage to pack as much fun and design into these little socks as they do their knee highs!


Ankle Socks

Skimming just below the ankle bone, Sock It To Me’s anklet socks have some of the same playful patterns as their taller cousins, but in a petite length available in both smaller and larger adult sizes. They’re just the right height to add a little bit of fun even when it’s too warm for taller socks!


Kid’s Socks

But adult sized feet aren’t the only ones that benefit from Sock It To Me socks, who have lots of kids socks and baby socks too! Their kid socks come in two sizes! The little kid sizes are designed for feet of folks aged 3-6 and are about 5 inches long from toe to heel, fitting shoe shoe size 8-13. The big kid sizes are designed feet of folks aged 7-10, they are about 6 inches long from toe to heel, fitting kids shoe size 1-5. With so many styles across different foot sizes and styles, Sock It To Me offers several designs that are available in both adult and kid sizes, so the whole family can rock their socks together! At Sock Dreams, we’re so glad to carry Sock It To Me socks so we can bring the fun and funky sock styles to folks all over the world from our little sock sphere in Portland, Oregon!