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Sock Dreams

Sock Dreams Logo Water Bottle

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for all US customers any size order & every day!
Can't quite quench your thirst for socks? Maybe aluminum water bottles with our lovely logo can help! Made exclusively for Sock Dreams in the USA.
100% BPA Free Recycled Aluminum with a flexible, food-grade polyester inner coating.
Hand wash with warm soap and water, rinse!
These come with "new bottle smell" but rest assured that they are 100% food safe! The smell fades away over the course of the first few washings and uses.
The designs on all the colors are raised, but the Black and Aluminum knit texture is a subtle clear design that looks great and feels fabulous.
While these can be used with a wide variety of beverages, they are not insulated, so you may want to cover the bottle with a sleeve (or a sock!) when using it with hot drinks.
24 fluid ounces.
Sturdy, quarter-turn to open and close cap and gradually tapered neck make taking a sip hassle-free!
Fits in standard car and bike cup holders.