Silk Socks

Socks are already a delightful treat for your feet, but socks that double as slippers? Sheer indulgence! Slip your toes into the fluffy, fuzzy, cozy comfort of slipper socks! Ideal for just padding around the house while keeping those feet wrapped up in soft and fluffy warmth. We've even got lots of great options for kid's slipper socks, because little feet need to stay cozy too.

Slipper Socks with grips

What are those grippy bits on the bottom of slipper socks? Those little rubber nubs found on the bottoms of some styles are fantastic for preventing slippage. While they might make it difficult to slide gracefully across your freshly waxed hardwood floor, they will help you walk with confidence across it. While most rubber grips are in a simple and effective dot pattern, like most of the Foot Traffic and K Bell slipper sock styles, other brands have taken it up a notch by using fun colors or patterns as their grip treads. There are the sweet little paw print treads on the Polar Feet slipper socks, or our Dreamer Slipper Socks have our beautiful logo lady to keep your steps steady!

Lined slipper socks

While not always ideal for wearing with close-fitting shoes, some slipper socks may be thin enough to pair with a roomier shoe. What makes them so snuggly is how they’re lined! Some are terry-lined and some have a denser, fuzzy finish.


What is a terry-lined sock? Socks constructed with absorbent and cushy terry loops which are often found lining the feet of slipper socks (and athletic socks, too). This extra padding makes them extra warm and snuggly. Most terry-lined styles can be comfortably worn in a roomy pair of boots, if you just can’t bear to take them off when getting ready for your day. K Bell and Foot Traffic slipper socks are thinner, terry-lined options with little grips on the soles.

Fuzzy lined

Our Dreamer Slipper Socks, are a new style we're already in love with! Available in solids and stripes, with a large grippy area on the sole, are lined with a super cozy wool/acyrlic blend that is 26% merino wool! Thick and fuzzy and made in the USA - a fantastic gift for anyone who needs a little extra warmth to keep the chill off their toes, and an even better treat for yourself!

The New Zealand Bedsock Company, made by Outer Gear, offers slipper socks both with grips and without. What do we love the most about them? They are a sturdy, luxury, brushed wool blend bed sock. They are roomy (perfect for pairing over another pair of socks for really cold days) so they're not a good pair with shoes. Though the label says one size fits most, they run a bit large and they truly are more of a snuggle sock than one you'd go hiking in. It’s a possibility that people with feet smaller than a women's shoe size 8 (US) might want to avoid these. But, with designs ranging from solid to polka dots to stripes to cute critters, there is sure to be a slipper sock to strike your fancy!

Polar fleece slipper socks

You might have a favorite fleece blanket that you love wrapping up in, but what about your feet? If you can’t keep them tucked in that beloved blanket all day, then fleece and fleece-lined slipper socks are absolutely perfect on the chilliest of winter mornings. Designed to mimic the insulating properties of the fleecy coat of sheep and other fiber animals, polar fleece mimics that cozy warmth down to retaining its powers when wet! Specializing in polar fleece slipper socks, Polar Feet are a fabulous addition to any slipper sock collection. As an added bonus some styles come in coordinating parent and kid sizes! Because not only bigger feet deserve the snuggly satisfaction of slippers. So, grab some hot cocoa, curl up by the fire, and peruse our collection of slipper socks and never pass another day with cold feet!