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Skeleton Wrap Printed Tights

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for all US customers any size order & every day!
A sinuous spine curves down the front of these tights. Vertebraic! Hand silk screened in NYC and made in the USA.
80% nylon, 20% spandex
Here is Nylon Journal's great info on caring for these beauties: "The best way to wash your tights is to turn them inside out. 1) Put them in a sink with warm water and a gentle detergent, shower gel or shampoo, 2) gently squeeze the tights so that the water is absorbed and the dirt comes out, 3) rinse the tights in clean water until the detergent is completely washed out 4) gently squeeze the remaining water out and hang them to dry. The tights can be put in a washing machine on the delicate or "hand wash" cycle, but must not be put in the dryer. Hang the tights to air dry. We recommend hand washing in order to keep your tights in the best condition possible!"
Some images provided by Nylon Journal.
100 denier. Label says "One Size: Fits US 2-14, UK 4-16 or XS-XL"

Hips stretch comfortably to 46 inches, and thighs to 25. Maximum inseam on a 25 inch thigh is 32 inches, we were just able to get them all the way up.

We found that if you don't pull each leg up evenly, the vertebrae won't line up at the top (as you can see in the images for the Black). Although it looks like you're short some backbone, tug the problem side up a bit more and it should even out.
There was some cracking in the design across the thighs, but we still loved them!
Tube-style foot that should fit most feet, though feet smaller than a US women's shoe size 7 may find they're a little wide at the toes.

Just sheer enough to show tattoos.