Measurements & Sizes

  S M L
US Women 5 – 7½ 8½ – 10 10½ – 14
US Men 3½ – 6 7 – 8½ 9 – 12
EUR 35 – 38 39 – 42 43-46
UK Women 2½ – 5 6 – 7½ 8 – 11½
UK Men 3 – 5½ 6½ – 8 8½ – 12
  Sizes are approximate

Most of the styles we offer are labeled “one size fits most”, as this is often the only option available to us from our suppliers.

Each style is listed with the label’s sizing, supplemented by our own experience in testing the socks, if we find that extra information to be useful or different from the label. We encourage you to drop us a line with your measurements if you’re having trouble figuring out what will work best for you. Check out this Sock Journal post for tips on which measurements we need!

Sock sizing is an odd thing, and after all these years, we still don’t have it fully figured out… When a label says “size 9-11”, it doesn’t necessarily mean shoe size. This range is typically intended to fit US women’s shoe sizes 4-11 or something close to that, but we all know that isn’t always true! Then there’s the labeling that covers your height and weight, but everybody’s weight is distributed differently, so this is not much help either. Unfortunately, we have found it very difficult to find socks or stockings that stretch over 23 inches, even when custom made (although many of our Dreamer Socks will now fit beyond that!). Cotton is easiest to stretch and can be further loosened by wetting the fabric and pulling the tops occasionally as they dry.

Kids Sizes: This is a newer area for us, and there is limited information about whom these smaller socks are meant to fit. Feel free to give us your feedback based on personal experience or working knowledge, and we’ll continue to upgrade this growing section!

Smaller Feet: Feet smaller than about a women’s size 7 can find the average sock to be too loose, but they often fit into kids sizes. We’ve had many of our house brand DreaM Stockings made in smaller versions to fit the petite-footed among us. (We also have options for Larger Feet, as well as a category for Tube-Style socks that will fit any size foot!)

Men’s Sizes: A size larger than the standard women’s range, these are usually labeled for men’s shoe size 10-13 and often fit men’s U.S. shoe sizes 8-12 best. Although we consider all of our products to be unisex, socks found in this section were designed with men’s feet in mind. However, they can be worn by anyone with the feet to fit them; when converting women’s sizes to men’s, just subtract two, e.g. women’s 11 = men’s 9.

Plus Size: This is generally a larger version of the industry standard “one size”. Keep in mind that every person is shaped differently, and that will affect your results with fit more than any weight limit. Our best advice is to try things out, measure your legs, read the sizing tips on the product, and keep your expectations as realistic as possible. We strive to provide accurate sizing information for each and every style listed on our website– just scroll down to the “Sizing Tips” section of any product page to see information from our own in-house tests. For a style to qualify for listing in our Plus Size section, the following stretch requirements need to be met:

If you need to convert shoe sizes, we have a post in the Sock Journal all about Sock Math! And as always, if you have questions about a specific style, please feel free to contact us, and we’ll do our best to answer based on our own personal experience and the feedback we’ve received from other customers.