Sheer Socks

Scrumptiously sheer socks and sheer stockings in plain and patterned styles. From sheer socks and stockings to sheer tights, there’s something simply magical about the smooth look of sheers!

What are sheer socks?

Sheerness is rated by denier, which is the measurement of a hosiery yarn’s fineness and delicacy (or sturdiness). It’s based off of the fineness of silk—a single silk strand is about 1 denier! Sheers range from less than 10 denier to about 20 denier. Semi-opaque and semi-sheerstyles are about 21 to 40 denier. Many sheer styles tone down the look of blemishes on the skin, they’re sort of like Photoshop for real life! They’re also great as a simple layer when you don’t feel like baring your legs. But not all sheers are basics. Most of the sheer socks and stockings we offer are patterned, mixing opaque and sheer, or fun designs

Short sheer socks

Though they’re not as common as other sheer styles, short sheer socks are super fun and a great way to add pops of color and interest without overheating your feet or overdoing a design! Short sheer socks tend to be crew socks or dainty little anklets, decorated with embroidered or knit-in patterns and designs. Not quite as short are sheer trouser socks, a summery and delicate trouser sock option.

Sheer stockings

The classic sheer sock, the sheer stocking, is the perfect finish to any dressy look. Sheer stockings come in several specific styles to perfectly complement whatever you’re rocking, from rose-tinted retro to freshly futuristic!

Plain sheer socks and stockings

“Plain” sheer socks and stockings aren’t really plain at all, they’re just not patterned! These sheer stockings add a silky, sultry layer to your legs that smooths their appearance and maybe adds a nice small detail or two.

  • Cuban heel sheer stockings have a backseam, but also have a solid, colored, foot that extends up past the heel in a decorative shape or point. They look particularly sharp with pretty shoes.
  • Solid sheer socks, stockings and tights are plain and simple sheers that we like to call "real-life Photoshop" because they do such a lovely job visually smoothing the look of your skin.

Patterned sheer socks and stockings

Patterned sheers are an easy way to add subtle and delicate design or fun and funky frills to your outfit. Some socks mix opaque and sheer sections, others wrap a pattern around your legs that looks like it’s floating across your skin.

  • Opaque and sheer socks can create the effect of faux thigh highs or lace up looks, by cleverly combining opaque and sheer sections. Sheer crews often feature knit-in designs that give you all the great looks of patterned socks, but with more breathability for warmer days (and they all look great layered over solid tights!)
  • Sheer designs like polka dots, stripes, and more, offer delicate or bold patterns that dress up your legs in a multitude of ways.

Caring for Sheer Socks and Stockings

Sheer styles need a little more care, as they should be hand washed and line dried to get the most life out of them. The more sheer they are, the more delicate they are. Be at your most gentle when putting them on and washing to get the most life out of sheer stockings. We have a lot more tips in the Sock Journal post “Tips and Tricks: Nylons and Backseams”, but here are a couple things to remember when wearing sheer socks:

  • If you’re particularly prone to snags, check your nails (fingers and toes!) for sharp spots and fix them with a file, then add a little lotion to any dry or rough areas of skin.
  • Instead of yanking them on, carefully gather the stocking up onto your thumbs, then gently slip your toes in and ease it up around your heel.
  • Wash gently by hand, remember to squeeze but never wring! Sheers dry nicely overnight slung over a shower curtain or other smooth spot.