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Ruffled Arm Warmer

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for all US customers any size order & every day!
The chain-like cable that runs across the top and bottom of these arm warmers does look like a ruffle! But when you put them on, the ruffle opens up like the honeycomb texture next to it, for a clear cable pattern that looks good however you wear it!
80% acrylic, 15% nylon, 5% wool
Machine wash warm, tumble dry low.
We found that the Green Tea color sometimes has little threads hiding in the cables which can pop out when stretched. We were not too troubled by them, and found that they could be trimmed without the arm warmers unraveling, but if you think they might bother you it would probably be best to avoid that color. 

Made in Japan.

Tabbisocks' arm warmer styles fit medium to large hands quite nicely!
16 inches from end to end, they'll go over some folk's elbows, but not all.
The cuffs and body of these arm warmers stretch about 18 inches around.