Rainbow Socks

Rainbow socks are a proud declaration of the color spectrum. Full of prismatic whimsy and joy. Since we love a good rainbow as much all the other dreamers of the world, we aim to keep a solid supply of various patterns and palettes of rainbow socks in stock. Our house brands DreaM Stockings and Dreamer Socks are brimming with rainbow socks to fit whatever might strike your fancy!

DreaM Stockings and Dreamer Socks

Harvest Rainbow Socks

Our Dreamer Socks brand Extraordinary Harvest Rainbow socks are a warm, muted, autumnal take on the classic rainbow. Perfect for glorious fall days or any time of year. Made from 85% regenerated cotton/acrylic/polyester, 10% nylon, 5% spandex, they have a fabulous stretch and fit easily on a wide range of legs. They come in a variety of lengths to suit any leg – extraordinarily longer, thigh high, knee high, and crews. We even have them in kid sizing, perfect for chasing rainbows and puddle jumping!

Radiant Rainbow Socks

If you are yearning a splash of vibrant delight, then the Dreamer Socks Radiant Rainbows are the way to go! Their eye-popping bright colorway is achieved through the use of soft, breathable, acrylic yarn and are sure to turn heads! These rainbow socks are also available in a variety of lengths ranging from extraordinarily longer, thigh high, knee high, and crew.

Rainbow Dreams

Our DreaM Stockings brand Rainbow Dreams can range from a nice solid knee high to slightly over the knee, depending on the leg. They tend to do better on a foot ranging between women’s 7-10.5, but can shrink down a bit with a hot washing and drying on high heat. They come in three delightful options to choose from…or choose all three! Classic is presented in a traditional rainbow colorway, while Bright really punches up the color in a manner reminiscent of a “neon” hues, and Pastel is full of soft and subtle tints of colors. They can also be paired with our M Sleeves in classic and pastel for double the rainbow fun in an all-over coordinated look!

Tie Dye

We are lucky enough to work with Love Lite Precision/Tie Dye Eric who creates absolute hand-dyed magic on many of our house brand styles. Uniquely whimsical and always original, you just might make the rainbow connection when perusing our tie dye offerings.

Other Rainbow Offerings

The rainbows don’t stop at socks! Leg Avenue steps into the rainbow ring with their selection of legwarmers, petticoats, fingerless gloves, and tights. With colorways, patterns and textures ranging from traditional to neon to pastel, vertical striped rainbows, rainbow fishnet, and furry leg warmers, they definitely have some playful styles to complete any rainbow-themed costume. Even if your costume is your everyday wear! Some rainbow beauties by Foot Traffic and K Bell both include some fun and funky rainbow styles by mixing it up with different patterns and prints. For a really zany take on the rainbow explosion, we certainly can’t leave out Tabbisocks’ 12-colored Rainbow OTKs, or the wild Checkered Neon Chaos. Criminally bright and hypnotically kaleidoscopic…a perfectly imperfect state of chaos! And...last but not even remotely least, how better to rock one's Queer Pride than with rainbows?! Celebrating the spectrum of all the folks who identify as Queer, we are beaming with pride that these socks, by Gumball Poodle, are made in the USA exclusively for Sock Dreams.