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Professional Fishnet Tights with Cotton Sole

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for all US customers any size order & every day!

What makes these fishnets "professional"? They're heavy-duty, so they can stand up to lots of wear and resist snags and runs. Plus! The solid cotton-blend foot means you won't have those ouchy lines imprinted in your toes at the end of a long night on your feet.

67% nylon, 29% spandex, 2% polyester, 2% cotton
Hand wash warm, drip dry.

Yes! These are Leg Avenue's replacement for the long-gone and much loved "Showgirl Fishnets." We're so glad to see this style back and even think we like these a little more than the original.

Made in Taiwan.

Three sizes!

Remember, fishnet is stretchy stuff and it stretches both up and down and around, so there is forgiveness in the sizing ranges. But we want you to be comfortable. We've tried to convey the sizing range to the best of our abilities, but you can always drop us a line with your measurements for more precise help!

Small/Medium: Label says these fit a range from 4'11" to 5'7" or 100 to 140 lbs. Our more petite testers found they weren't too loose on the ankles. If you've got curves and height, then you might want to go a size up as the label's top height/weight combo for this size is 5'3", 140lbs.
Medium/Large: Label says these fit a range from 5'3" to 5'11" or 130 to 177 lbs. We found they fit shorter inseams with hips up to 59 inches and thighs up to 31 inches! If you've got long, full legs then you might want to go a size up as the label's top height/weight combo for this size is 5'6", 175lbs.
Extra Long: Label says these fit a range from 5'10" to 6'2" or 145 to 170 lbs. We found they fit longer inseams with up to 50 inch hips and thighs up to 29 inches and more room to stretch in the leg!

Most of us found these didn't look like they'd fit at first and then magically stretched as we put them on. They're not high-waisted, nor low-riding, but a happy medium. The foot pad can be scooted to cover your toes or lower heel, depending on your shoes and preference. If your thighs touch you may want to wear slip shorts or bike shorts with this style, as the tougher fishnet can be uncomfortable when rubbing together. Some of us also wear them inside out, which keeps the sole seams from pressing into the skin. Using a no show or half sock. could also help.

Color notes: All three colors have a straight shot of them in their multiple images. The "Light Toast" is truly the color of lightly toasted bread and is NOT a pale shade, though we've found it does look lighter on than in the package. "Suntan" is sort of pumpkin-y, but not so much that it doesn't look fabulous on olive shades. The last image shown in the extra images for each size and color shows all three shades together.