Our Story

Selling socks online since August 2000!

We at Sock Dreams are a unique & quirky bunch of individuals who value diversity as much as we value comfy socks and great customer service. Our customers come in many sizes, shapes, genders, etc… and so do we. We try our many products as often as we can so that we know what we’re selling you and, hopefully, how it might work for you.

For all of our local Portland sock addicts, we do allow for pick-ups at our shoppe location for orders placed online. We will give you a call when your order is ready. Please note that our retail store in Sellwood does not contain everything our website does and has quite a few of its own exclusives.

Click here to see a peek into our order pulling routine!


  • July 2000 ~ Fetishize Me went live & one girl’s dream of selling socks was born
  • Fall 2003 ~ Fetishize Me became Sock Dreams
  • Fall 2006 ~ Incorporated as Indigo Shadows, Inc.
  • Summer 2007 ~ Moved into new headquarters at 725 SE Powell Blvd in Portland
  • April 1, 2008 ~ Opened a tiny shop in the entrance to our headquarters to test the waters, and what do you know… Everyone loved it!
  • Spring, 2010 ~ Launching our new & improved website! It will continue to be a work in progress for months to come as we refine it and add even more useful features.
  • Summer, 2012 ~ Relocated our headquarters to a Sellwood building that we promptly painted indigo… We are just four blocks from our shop now! We love it here in Sellwood!!!
  • Fall 2016 ~ Launched our brand-new website!

How it all began…

Years ago, there was a girl whose feet were always cold.

About Niqkita • Niqkita is Interviewed

She loved to work very hard and had learned to settle for the socks she found in local clothing & department stores. Then she met an equally hard-working man who also yearned for better socks.

Together they built a little business: she bought the socks, built the website, and took the pictures, while he stayed busy checking the socks for defects before packaging them up & shipping them off…

After a few years, we needed help, so we hired some sock faeries. A couple of years later, we had more employees than we ever imagined needing, and we’re always changing and adjusting the way we do things to keep up with our ever-growing demand.

We buy our socks from various suppliers in the U.S. and around the world. Many are made just for us, to our specifications, based on feedback & requests we get from our customers. We run a tight ship and are always busily working on all the orders, emails, & phone calls; we’re not always able to catch the phone, but if we miss your call and you leave a message, we’ll call back as soon as we can. We try to write back to every legitimate question, comment, or request, but email being complicated by filters & typographical errors, we do miss some on occasion. If it happens to you, please forgive us– we are merely human.

We also get volunteer help behind the scenes from some of our favorite sockaholics, and we are forever grateful…

If you want to help us, start by getting to know us through our site, our Sock Journal, and our social media. We gladly accept reviews & photos of our products. If we really like them, we might even share them in our journal or social media. Happy toes make happy Sock Dreamers!!!