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Orkney Angora

Orkney Angora Over the Knee

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for all US customers any size order & every day!

Fully fashioned, 50% angora, 29 inches long and as cozy as can be. We used to offer these a long time ago and the wonderful folks at Orkney Angora are making them again, to our very specific specifications.

50% angora, 50% lambswool
Hand wash in warm water or use wool wash cycle. Lay flat to dry and reshape whilst drying.

We only get these items in small batches and frequently run out long before we can get more, so get them when you can and sign up for notifications!

Due to the hand dyed factor, color imperfections are possible. The current batch of Black is very deep blue-black, and may look navy against more neutral blacks. Our images are edited to be quite blue for this reason. 

Soft and silky, angora fiber has a fluffy halo and hollow fibers that create a fantastic thermal wool. Its super cozy properties can be beneficial for arthritis and other cold-induced aches and pains. Angora fiber can only be produced by Angora rabbits (Angora goats produce mohair) and grooming their fur is a necessary part of their health care, they can get hairballs just like cats! There are some great facts about angora wool on its page for the 2009 International Year of Natural Fibers.

We are aware of the concerns about angora sourcing and are actively avoiding angora socks that come from uncertain sources. We have worked with the folks at Orkney Angora since 2004. Until recently they did all of their own rabbit farming and although they now outsource, they keep a close eye on their supplier, even personally checking in to oversee the animals' welfare to make sure they can provide cruelty-free socks and warmers. For more information, please view Orkney Angora's statement.

Fits women's US shoe size 8-11 (up to a men's 9).
29 inches long, with 20 inch stretch in the calf and cuff. These socks are fully fashioned and fit more snugly at the ankle.
Since they have no elastic, you may want to use sock garters to keep them up (they do not stay up on their own).