No Show Socks & Liners

For when socks are too much! No show socks hide well beneath most shoes, for a sockless look without sacrificing comfort. Half socks, also known as "clog socks" or "slide socks", cover only the tips of your feet. Liners are there to protect your feet from your shoes. All are perfect with loafers, open-toe or slip-on shoes, and clogs. Give your toes some protection and absorbency with a minimum of sock. Half socks can also add a little extra comfort when worn under fishnet styles! All these super short socks are especially great at keeping your toes from unwanted textures. Seamless half socks and no show socks are a good option to wear underneath socks with thick seams or uncomfortable textures. Having a little bit of cushion between a seam and your toes helps with comfort throughout the day!

No-Nonsense No Show Socks

Colloquially called “peds” although “Peds®” is a registered trademark of the The Peds Company and only Peds® brand peds can be called “peds”, no-show socks (or no show socks, depending on your personal hyphenation preferences) cover your toes and your heels, but leave the top of your foot bare. When paired with the right shoes, no show socks are practically invisible! Although some brands also call no-shows “liners”, if it’s covering your toes and heels and nothing else, then it’s a no-show. A great option for when you want the no-sock look or feel, but need more between you and your shoes than a mere liner can provide, the main drawback to no show socks is that the back of the heel can sneak down into your shoe. Finding a style that fits well helps, but some no show socks have grips at the back of the heel to keep things in place and we make sure to note that in Sizing Tips!

Hip Half Socks

Half socks are perfect for closed-toe sandals, clogs and slides of all sorts. Just like no show socks, half socks give you something between your feet and your shoes, to cushion and absorb any moisture. Since half socks are just the toe-half of a pair of socks, they let you enjoy most of the no-sock feel of sandals and slides, while still giving your toes more comfort. Half socks have another benefit, they’re great at keeping your toes in place! A pair of half socks are great under any net stockings, particularly larger fencenet. No more toes slipping through the holes!

Let’s talk Liners

Liners, or insoles, are the closest to not wearing socks because you’re not wearing socks at all! Shaped like the bottom of your shoe and made of materials to cushion or insulate, liners exist to give your feet some distance from your shoes. They can be tricky to first use, since it can take a little wiggling to get them into place. We’ve found holding them at the sides and bending the front edge back a little as you slide them in helps. Although we were a little skeptical of liners at first, when testing them we fell in love! Having that extra layer between our feet and the cold ground that the Alpaca Felt Insoles offered made winter far more bearable. Right now we don’t have a wide selection of liners (we are sock folks, after all), but now that we know how great they are, we’re keeping an eye out for other great options! From a no show sock that skims your toes and heel, to a half sock or a simple liner, little skimpy sock options are wonderful for summer shoes or any time you want a bit more protection than wearing nothing at all