Niqkita Is Interviewed

Please note that this interview is now many years old, and most of the items mentioned are long gone… Many thanks to Olivia at Yummy Wakame for this interview!

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What lead you to starting Sock-Dreams?

Utter frustration with working all day to make the people above me richer.

Have you always been this fascinated with socks, or were you a late bloomer?

I first became “aware” of socks in my early teens. I remember this little shop near the marina that had the most interesting socks I’d ever seen! My mom and I would go there and pick out special pairs when we could afford it.

You have concentrated your efforts on socks, but do you have other garment fetishes?

I adore tall boots and corsets! If I could afford them, I’d fetishize them.

What are your favourite socks in the whole collection?

It changes often, but overall, I’m terribly fond of toe socks!

Which socks get the best reaction from passers-by?

People really seem drawn to anything around the knees or stripey.

stripey blue and black socks

Which socks do you feel sexiest in?

The criss-cross/lace-up thigh highs are like magic to me. I can’t take my eyes off the mirror when I have them on.

Do you find yourself checking out other people’s socks?

I’m constantly noticing socks & sock references and hoping they will pan back over the feet when I’m watching TV or movies.

How often do you dream about socks?

Not as often as I dream about being lost trying to navigate through our site, literally having to move from page to page through the navbar buttons while I’m also attempting to solve design issues.

Authentic military bootsocks

Are the majority of your customers women or men?

It seems pretty well balanced, with women taking a lead.

Do you hoard old favourites when they become unwearable, or do you toss them?

I still have socks that haven’t really been wearable since the 80’s, but I can’t part with them!

Do you wear socks all the time, even while you’re sleeping?

Pretty much always (except to bathe, of course!).

Cool refreshing foot soak

Does it ever get too hot to wear socks?

I think it was July 10th, 2002…

Have you ever gone without socks for an entire day?

Hmmm, I doubt it… My toes are shy and like a lot of privacy.

Did you know you have cute toes?

They’re blushing now.

If you could design a pair of unusual socks and not have to worry about suppliers or demand, what would they be?

Probably the ultimate velvet thigh highs– that perfectly lush, soft velvet that no one can resist touching… They would be snug & stretchy, causing them to fit perfectly and stay wherever you put them.

Velvet socks

Have you ever had sock puppets as pets, and what were their names?

Strangely, I’ve never seen socks that way. What’s strange is that I love puppets (not in a strange way mind you)… I think they’re fun, and socks are fun, but socks as puppets has never struck me as fun, and it sure didn’t do any good.

Which of the socks in your collection do you think look sexy on men?

Velvet thigh highs on a man can only be an improvement.

Roughly how many pairs of socks do you personally own?

I had 50 matching pairs in one place last time I counted…

I have more than that now– yeah, definitely more.