Men's Socks

What is it that makes socks specifically men’s socks? We've long wondered this and avoided the label for years, but here it is, our "mens socks" section. These are socks that our suppliers label as "men's", plus some others that fit the niche, mostly larger footed styles that tend to be closer to midcalf socks than crew socks. We also have a wider selection of larger-footed options that include tall socks here.

We think socks are completely unisex, the only thing that decides who wears what is the fit! Though we always list all the sizing info we can in the Sizing Tips for each style, we tend to call what other folks say is a “mens sock” a “larger footed midcalf.” No matter what you call them, if you’re looking for more traditional styles of “mens socks” then we’re glad to help you find just the right thing for you! When browsing, you can even refine your search to only look at More Masculine or Gender Neutral styles.


What styles of Mens Socks are there?

If your foot is larger than a US women’s shoe size 9 (a men’s US shoe size 7), then the dress sock or quirky midcalf sock you’re looking for might be labelled a “mens sock”! The foot is longer in men’s socks, but a lot of folks who wear a US women’s shoe size 9 can comfortably wear the average larger-footed midcalf, though there can be too much room in the toes for some. So, don’t get too sad if you see a “men’s sock” you like, just, measure that foot and drop us a line, odds are, if you’re over a US women’s 8.5, it’ll fit. And thank goodness, because so many men’s socksare styles everyone should get to try!

Midcalf socks

Somewhere between a knee sock and a crew sock, the midcalf sock is a happy medium. On average, we’ve found that a midcalf sock is about 9-11 inches long from heel to the top of the cuff. They give you a little more coverage than a crew sock for a reason—midcalf socks are one of the traditional men’s dress sockheights. When you’re wearing slacks and sit down, the legs of your trousers ride up, flashing ankle. A midcalf sock perfectly covers any skin that might show!

Dress Socks

Men’s dress socks tend to come in two heights: midcalf socks and over the calf socks. We’ve already touched on what a men’s midcalf sock is, and an over the calf sock is really nothing more than a slightly shorter knee sock. What makes dress socks distinct is their fine texture and more subdued patterns, made to pair well with dress shoes and professional environments. They also look wonderful when worn with old-fashioned sock garters. One brand we carry with a wardrobe’s worth of dressy men’s socks is B.Ella, who offers both wool socks, cotton socks and beautiful blends of both!

Athletic Socks

Ready to run, athletic socks have extra cushioning, smart wicking design, or built-in support for higher levels of comfort during higher levels of activity. Men’s athletic sockstyles offer all these benefits in a larger size to fit larger feet.

Short Socks

There’s some crossover between sports socks and short socks, but we’ve found that most folks who are looking for anklets and footie socks in larger sizes are looking for something fun to wear with casual, low cut shoes. There sadly aren’t very many options out there yet in men’s anklet socks and men’s no-show socks, but we’ve been able to find some of the best!


For feet larger than a US men’s shoe size 13

It’s tough to be on any end of a scale, and folks with feet a US men’s shoe size 13 (a women’s US shoe size 15) or larger often have trouble finding socks that work for them. We do have a selection of styles that fit at least a US men’s shoe size 13 right here and we also have several great tube sock styles that have no formed heel and fit a wonderfully wide range of feet! Of course, what we have still might not work for your larger foot size. If you’re having difficulty finding a men’s sock that will fit, email us and we are happy to help you find what will work best.