Lace Socks

If it's lacy or is adorned with lace we've included it here. Lace socks, lace tights, lace-topped, lace-trimmed and more!

“Lace” versus “Lace Trimmed”

If the lace socks you’re looking for need to be lace from toe to tops, our Lace category is the place to find them. But, mixed in with those pure lace styles are lace-trimmed and lace-topped options that only have bits of lace instead of being made entirely of lace. There isn’t a way to perfectly separate lace socks from lace decorated socks, but if you’re looking specifically for just lace we’ve got some tips to help you find what you’re looking for!

Lace Socks

True lace socks are lace from toes to cuff. Most of the time they’re traditional (often floral) lace, but some purely lace socks use different techniques to give a lacy quality in a non-traditional manner.

Short lace socks

For just a hint of lace, short lace socks are a classic choice! Cute over solid tights and darling on their own, short lace socks add a bit of fanciness when you need it. The shortest lace socks are Foot Traffic’s no-show lace socks. Perfect for adding just a little bit of something between you and your shoes, lace no-shows are also great on hot days, since they keep your toes open to the air. Though not all of their short styles are purely lace, Leg Avenue’s lace anklets offer both classic lace with ruffles and more modern interpretations of the lace anklet. For a very modern look with all the sweetness of a classic short lace sock, Footsie Wraps lace foot wraps are a lace sock you can wear as you wish! Just slip them on and tie them off in a bow or knot at the back, front or side of your ankle to customize your lace sock look!

Lace knee highs

There aren’t that many knee high lace socks out there, but one brand does them best! Foot Traffic’s lace trouser socks come in a breathtaking array of patterns, from floral to geometric and just about everything in between. Every style they offer comes in Black, and several also are available in Ivory and Beige. But, unlike most lace socks, some of these styles are available in colors too!

Lace stockings

Now, lace stockings are truly the rarest lace sock of them all. Though there are several thigh high and over the knee lace stockings, most only implement lace as a trim. Luckily, we are able to offer a couple true lace stockings, thanks to Leg Avenue’s dedication to offering classic styles like these!

Lace Tights and leggings

There are less lace tights and lace leggings out there, so separating the lace trimmed styles from the options that are lace from toes to waistband isn’t as difficult. There is a lot more variation in pattern when it comes to lace tights, so be sure to check out these other options if you can’t find the lace look you want:

And, since tights can be the trickiest to fit, be sure to drop us a line with your measurements and what you’re looking for if you’re having trouble deciding on a style or size!

Lace Gloves

There’s a simple elegance to lace gloves and lace arm warmers that can’t be denied. Their pretty patterns shroud your hands in mystery and add instant fanciness to any look. They’re not socks, so we don’t have as many options, but we make sure to always have a couple lace gloves available, because sometimes you just need to feel like a character in a dramatic story! Add some drama and romantic style with lace! Even if you don’t want to go for lace from toes to tops, we have lots of lace socks with only hints of lace, little lace ruffles and more!