Donation Partnerships

This collection of select styles features our current donation special -- for every pair of Charitable Socks sold, we'll donate a portion of our profits to our current non-profit. Check the Special Sock Collections area of our home page for details about the current special, including the amount we'll be donating for each pair of socks, and the charity we're currently donating to. 

Who We Will Be Donating To This Quarter
donations to be paid quarterly (every three months)

RAINN | $3 per pair
Marled Stripe Knee Socks: 113
Total Donation: $339
Planned Parenthood | $3 per pair
Extraordinary Boardwalk Thigh Highs: 163
Total Donation: $489
Kids in Need Foundation | $2 per pair
Harvest Rainbows: 186
Total Donation: $372

Giving Back

As members of our Portland community, we care about what’s going on in our city, state, and country. We try to give support where it's needed most. Here are a few of the organizations we sponsor and support:

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Southern Poverty Law Center Logo  Pollinator Partnership Logo National Women's Law Center Logo  Salaam Cultural Museum Logo  Michigan Urban Farming Initiative Logo 

The Trevor Project logo  Outright Action International logo  Kid Power Logo