Using Gift Options

Today we're taking a look at how to use our gift options! To get started, navigate to your shopping cart (you'll need to put something in it first) and scroll all the way to the bottom, where you'll find the "Gift Options" button. 

"Gift Notes" button shown in shopping cart

Clicking this button opens up a window with a "Gift Invoice" checkbox, as well as some text fields. The checkbox removes prices from the phsyical invoice which is included with the order, while the text fields allow you to address and leave a note. You can select both the gift invoice and note, or either one, or neither.

Gift Options are now shown with a check box for gift receipts, and text fields for a gift note.

For the sake of this first example, let's pretend I'm sending you a pair of MIdcalf Woolies as a gift, and I don't want you to know what I've spent. For this reason, I will check the "Gift Receipt" box. I also want you to enjoy your socks, so I'll tell you that in the gift note! 

Gift Options with "Gift Reciept" selected and gift note written in text fields

After you've hit the "Update" button under the Message text field, you can click on "Gift Options" again to make sure they're still the way you set them!

Gift Options confirmation view

After double-checking my gift options, I put the order through as shown above, and here's what the invoice you recieve looks like:

Completed inoivce with a gift message and no pricing.

Success! We've also learned something about what the gift note looks like, and might avoid the word "enjoy" when we make future gift notes, since the line "Enjoy your gift!" is automatically added. 

But hey, what happens if you DON'T select a gift invoice and you leave a note anyway? And why would you even do that? 

As it so happens, this is a great way to convey information to our pullers. Information like sticker requests!

Gift Options with Gift Reciept box unselected and note addressed to Sock Dreams requesting a sticker

And when the invoice is printed out, our stock room staff have the information they need to get you that sticker, while you still have the pricing information for your records!

View of invoice with gift note, but prices visible.

As one final note of caution, we remind you that every order is pulled by a real human, so keep that in mind when you write your gift notes, and play nice!