Footie Socks

Also known as booties or sneaker socks, footies cover your feet but don't go much past your heels. A lovely summer or spring sock, often the height running styles are made in, footie socks are a fun and fabulous option for when you just need a touch of sock but don’t want to be up past your ankles in warmth! Dancing right around the ankle, a footie lands either just below or just above the anklebone. One of the key defining features of a footie is that it’s just the foot of a sock. Unlike taller socks, a footie covers the toes, heels, top of the foot and pretty much ends there. At most it has a bit of a cuff that covers the ankle bone. Footies also get called “no-shows” even though they show in most shoes. But they’re just tall enough to not be invisible in most shoes, so they aren’t truly no-show styles.


Types of footies

For such a little sock, footie sockscome in a lot of varieties. Athletic and toe sock styles, fancy footie socks, multi-packs and more!

Athletic and Toe Sock Footies

There’s a lot of overlap between toed footie socks and sporty footies. Part of this is because these short socks are ideal for warm workouts and the benefits of toe socks are particularly useful when running and exercising. Sport-minded footie socks have good support in the arch and often offer vented or meshed areas to allow moisture to evaporate. Toe socks allow your toes to spread a bit as you walk, adding stabilization to your steps.

Fancy footies

There isn’t much space to get fancy in this short a sock, but there are pretty lace options and cute novelty patterns for if you’re feeling sweet or sassy. Particularly cute paired with leggings on cooler days, dressy and fun footies are also a good combo with tights if you’re wearing sturdier shoes, so your feet fit a little better in your sneakers.

Multi packs

A lovely thing about footies is that they make good and affordable multi packs! We have several options from two packs to six packs. With varying patterns and styles, you could easily gather a week’s worth of short and sweet socks for the summer!


Larger footed footies

Larger feet and men’s shoe sizes don’t need to fret that they’re out of the footie game. There are great larger and men’s footie options in sporty, stylish and even multi packs!

Fibers in footies

Though, like most socks, the majority of footies are cotton and synthetic fiber blends, they are available in as wide a fiber selection as taller socks, with some.

  • Cotton: higher cotton content comes hand in hand with fun patterns and lightweight sport options. Easy to wash and lightweight, they’re a summer favourite.
  • Wool and Alpaca: there is an overlap in wool blends with sport and toe footie socks, partially because some of the biggest sport brands also offer great wool options that are sturdy and wick away moisture.

Simple and straightforward, footies are as short as a sock can be before becoming more like liners and no-shows.