Floral Socks

Fantastic and fabulous flowers from bold and beautiful blooms to delicate petals and swirls of vine, floral socks are like a garden for you to tiptoe through. When it comes to simply depicting flowers, there is a lot of artistic interpretation that happens, which means the majority of our floral socks are a “floral motif”, with lots of indeterminate blooms and flower-like patterns that evoke a garden without being specific.


Floral Socks with Meaning

Beyond the bouquet of fresh flowers for your feet, you can use flowers to secretly say what your heart truly means (or give yourself an affirmation in the language of flowers as you get dressed!). If you’re looking for a little something more specific, we’ve also made sure you can search for common flower types to better convey your feelings. These common flower types are loose interpretations of pretty petals and many of these floral socks could be representing one kind flower or another.

  • The Anemone is a simple, multi-petal flower with a burst of colour in the center. It can mean a lot of things, but it particularly represents anticipation.
  • A Carnation is a deeply layered bloom and its distinctly saw-tooth profile is often used as a complement to traditional rose patterns. Meaning everything from deep love to good luck, depending on color, in general a carnation expresses love, fascination and distinction.
  • An emblem of good fortune, the Cherry Blossom signals love and affection, while their short span before falling also hints at the fleeting nature of feeling and time.
  • What defines the Chrysanthemum has often been contentious. A flower of variables, the one constant is many little florets working together to make a spectacular flower that stands for optimism and joy.
  • The Gerbera is a flower type that encompasses a wide range of blooms, including the Daisy, with which it shares their symbolism of cheerfulness and innocence.
  • Though a bold flower, the Hibiscus means “delicate beauty”. It’s one of those designs that, when rendered in sock form, could be a geranium or even a lily, if you’re just looking at shapes. It’s the tropical colors that help them stand out from the crowd.
  • The Lily is another classic bouquet flower that holds a different meaning for each colour it blooms in. From “modesty” to “passion”, or “gaiety” to “refined beauty”, the lily can represent practically as many things as the individual breeds of both true and named lilies.
  • Even more bedecked with meaning, the Rose could say “hey, you’re a rad friend” (yellow) to “love at first sight” (purple).


Types of Floral Socks

Though most floral socks are crews, there are options that grow higher! If you want your flowered socks go grow just knee high, there are options from trouser socks to bright fun florals. Over the knee and thigh high floral socks and stockings could just have hints of flowers in a touch of lace trim, or be boldly blooming from toes to tops. And with floral tights and leggings, flowers bloom in pretty prints, patterns and lace, turning your legs into a veritable garden. Even though floral socks seem like something that should be saved for spring, there’s nothing like adding them to an outfit on a gloomy day to add a burst of joy and colour.