Frequently Asked Questions

Shopping Our Site
  • What size should I get?
  • Do you have gift cards?
  • Do you have socks for men?
  • Do you have socks for kids?
  • Do you have a clearance section?
  • Do you offer bulk discounts?
  • How do I filter search results?
  • What currency are Sock Dreams prices displayed in?
Placing An Order
  • Are Gift Cards and Email Gift Certificates subject to sales tax?
  • Can I place an order by phone?
  • Do I have to pay sales tax on gifts to a state charging sales tax, even though I'm in a state that doesn't charge sales tax?
  • Do you accept international orders?
  • Do you charge sales tax?
  • How do I enter my college or university’s address?
  • How do I pay?
  • How do I send a Gift Invoice?
  • I need to order more socks than seem to be available! Do you have more?
  • I'm sending packages to different addresses in the same state, why is the sales tax percentage different?
  • Will I receive an order/shipping confirmation?
  • How do I use Amazon Pay and Apple Pay?
  • How do I change or cancel an order?
  • How are orders shipped?
  • How much will I be charged for International shipping? Are custom fees included?
  • What is my tracking number?
  • What should I do if my tracking information shows “Delivered”, but my package does not arrive?
  • Why does international shipping take so long?
  • Why does my tracking information show that my package is “Undeliverable” or “Returned to Sender”?
  • Why was my international order split into two packages?
  • Will I receive an order/shipping confirmation?
Account Management
  • Can I unsubscribe from all Sock Dreams emails?
  • Do I have to have a Sock Dreams account?
  • Do you have a loyalty program?
  • Do you have wishlists?
  • How do I create a Sock Dreams account?
  • Can I be a sock model?
  • Can I use your photos?
  • Can you send me a catalog?
  • Do you offer wholesale?
  • Is your site secure?
  • When are you restocking?
  • Where did you get your shoes?!?
  • You have a store?!?