Customer Endorsements

What our customers are saying about us...

I hope you enjoy your business as much as it makes some of us feel like home.
~ Shari B.

Fierce, scrumptious selection, great service, and like an experienced server, it's never in my face, but there at the right time.
~ Gig W.

You guys are always so amazing about sharing how different items fit on different bodies (which helps ensure happy customers!). I love your selection, and my friends always know that a Sock Dreams gift certificate never goes amiss as a gift in this household!
~ Andi S.

I am always dreaming of different ways to show off my socks, whether they are the centerpiece of my outfit, or they're just peekin' through a rip in my jeans.
~ Shannon L.

I have never had a better experience with online shopping than I have with your company. I placed my second order about 45 minutes ago, and it's already been shipped. You guys are amazing. Thank you for existing.
~ Shana M.

I just received my order. Super fast shipping, and socks were beyond my expectations, perfect and super cheap. THANK YOU!
~ Anita G.

If they can put socks on me, they can find your size. Trust the Dreamers.
~ Lindsay L.

I just got my first order of thigh high socks. Amazing quality, very quick shipping, and great prices. I am ordering more!
~ Lisa J.

I like Sock Dreams, because they have a really good vetting process on what they carry, and provide real-life size specs.
~ Elspeth D.

Thanks for offering quality, attractive, & affordable plus-sized tights. Will be ordering more! <3.
~ Schuyler E.

It was then that she realized she had 46 Sock Dreams dot com tabs open...
~ Xan L.

I have ordered from you guys twice now. Everything has come quickly (and for FREE!) and I have loved everything I ordered. I love the variety you have on the site and I love that you have so many plus size options!
~ Maureen K.

Had a blast on my birthday weekend wearing all my new sockies from Sock Dreams!! Just wanted to say thanks for being you. :)
~ Sandra J.

You amaze me with your awesomeness every time I order!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You rock!
~ Lisa Ann H.

I cannot possibly express the sheer force of my utter delight that your Extraordinarily Longer Thigh Highs (Striped and Solid versions) actually go up to my thighs on my fairly long and very curvy legs. I own four pairs of that particular style now, and plan on purchasing more!
~ Elizabeth G.

Thank you for the lightning speed shipping and awesome stickers! I ♥ my order.
~ Christel D.

This is quite possibly the single greatest idea in the history of merchandising! Love me some socks!
~ Emilio D.

I can't believe I never realized how awesome of an accessory socks could be. I've found myself looking for ways to incorporate socks into almost every outfit I wear now. Thanks for helping me bring a fun new twist to my wardrobe! =)
~ Sarah A.

Money can't buy happiness, but it CAN buy Sock Dreams socks, which are pretty much the same thing. <3
~ @Seraphima99

Am officially out of room for socks. Overflowing. You know what that means... Time to start tossing underwear.
~ Sommer

I was just referred to as 'a breath of fresh air' thanks to my skeleton socks from Sock Dreams.
~ Kyna

A little extra warmth without bulk is perfect for the cold gym, but I'm finding that I love them as a sleeve extension under sweaters and thermals. If you don't know about arm warmers-- get educated!
~ delahrambles

Thanks for your stellar service! I never regret an order, it's like Christmas every time I buy socks!
~ Megan G.

Today I need to feel like a superhero... I like wearing fun socks because they're kind of a secret costume. Thanks, Sock Dreams!
~ Elinor C.

Wow, A+ for FAST service from your crew! Placed an order Saturday, got it today! That is FAST (I'm in the midwest)! Y'all ROCK!
~ Susan K.

Place an order from Sock Dreams before shower. Get a shipping confirmation after. I am always amazed by their ridiculous amazingness. <3
~ Sabrina

My hands have gotten cold from typing, so I slipped on my arm warmers from Sock Dreams while I blog. Best purchase yet.
~ @ScarletRoseFox

Just as a general PSA, Sock Dreams continues to be the best company I've ever had the pleasure of buying from. They're amazing.
~ Ysabet M.

I just got the Extraordinarily Longer Thigh Highs and loved them so much that I immediately had to tell you about it. I, of course, love all the socks I order from you, but these are my favorite!! They are not only long enough for my mutant legs, they are also the softest, most lovely thigh highs I have ever worn! I love them so hard.
~ Bria P.

My Mum was over the moon with joy! Best birthday present ever, she declared. The invoice art was icing on the cake and really made her smile. Thanks!!
~ Elisabethe P.

Thank you so so so much for providing socks in a variety of sizes, and testing them and providing detailed size info! I just got the Extraordinarily Longer Thigh Highs, and they fit on my big ol' legs! And the lace/corset top thigh highs-- and they fit too! It's so awesome to be able to find tall hosiery that fits!
~ Jessika G.

Thank you so much for the bride and groom cats you drew on the order for my cousin and his (now) wife. Not only did they love the socks, the kitty couple art work is now framed and hanging in their home.
~ Jordan G.

Dearest Sock Dreams: Received my package of fabulous socks and tights and just had to give you all a big thank you! LOVE the watermelon stripes, and the cable knit socks are so comfortable. Thanks again for fueling my addiction to your socks!
~ Katie J.

I just want to let you know how pleased I am with your company! You guys rock! And boy are you FAST! WOW! I placed my very first order with you on Friday the 25th and had my socks in my hand by Monday the 28th! UNREAL! Thanks! And the socks are great!
~ Jenna P.

Got my legwarmers in the mail today and not a moment too soon... With windchill, the temperature has dropped to -42! This means I get to wear tights, socks, and legwarmers all together! Thank you Sock Dreams for keeping my toes warm!
~ Trella L.

Anything with "Extraordinary" in the name was sent from god in heaven to fit everyone really, really well.
~ Anna G.

My son made Honor Roll, and when we told him he could have anything he wanted as a "way to go" gift, he grabbed the computer and started shopping for socks. Just though you'd like to know that even 12-year-old boys cannot resist the awesomeness that is Sock Dreams!
~ Carlee O.

I know this is like a commercial, but the site is so easy to browse for generally what you want, I just keep finding gifts for my friends and family!
~ Paula S.

My sock collection is getting ridiculous, but it's cheaper than therapy!
~ Carrie R.

I know Sock Dreams has thoroughly spoiled me when I check out a knee-high sock webstore and am shocked at the lack of helpful sizing info...
~ @twotone

I am so glad that Sock Dreams has models of varying sizes and proportions to model their socks and stockings. Especially the looooong ones
~ @twotone

The surest proof of a naturally benevolent universe is that @SockDreams exists.
~ @mistydemeo

I just got my new @SockDreams OTKs and thigh-highs and I have to say, they really are the socks of my dreams.
~ @luckiebreak

You guys are absolutely amazing and I recommend all my friends to you! Never seen better quality thigh highs/tights EVER! TY
~ @SierraKons

My stuff I ordered from Sock Dreams came in, and I am LOVING IT!!!! Today has been super slow but right now, I feel amazing! ^o^
~ @MowMeNow is the most delightful place to shop. Who doesn't love fun socks???
~ @acciohollymae