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Cotton Fleece-Lined Leggings

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for all US customers any size order & every day!

All the fabulous of fleece lined leggings, but in breathable 90% cotton! Made in the USA.

fiber=Cotton 85% or more|Fleece or Fleece Lined,

90% cotton, 10% spandex
Hand wash, line dry.

Label says they fit 5'-5'9" or 90-165 lbs., but we found they easily fit up to a 42 inch hip and 27 inch thigh and we still couldn't see our model's tattoos!

Inseam is about 21 inches unstretched, longer legs will find these don't go all the way down to the ankles.
Double seam in the rear, folded over, lightly ribbed waistband and ankle cuffs. Neither high waisted nor low-rise, we thought they found a perfect happy medium.