How to Narrow or Broaden Special Collections

Since switching to a more streamlined web design, some of our more seasoned shoppers have been asking how they can find some of the special collections which were previously visible from our home page. Not to worry! Those collections all still exist, and today we're going to show you how to find them!

To get started, go ahead and navigate to our homepage in a new tab. Once you're there, locate the word "SOCKS" on the left of the top banner, and hover your cursor over it. 

Screen cap of SOCKS menu with cursor hovering over it, revealing drop-down menu

The first trick we're going to show you is how to narrow a collection down to a sub-category. As an example we'll be using tabi socks -- a style of toe sock which is more like a mitten than the more glove-like 5-toed styles that make up most of our toe socks collection. 

Start out by clicking on "Toe Socks" under the "Special Collections" section of the drop-down menu shown above. This will take you to a page full of tabi and 5-toed styles, all mixed together. 

screen cap of toe socks page

On the left side of this page you'll see several different parameters by which you can narrow this category down. You can select prefered colors, height, brands and so forth here, and if you keep scrolling down the page, you will come to a section called "Collection"

image of cursor hovering over "Tabi" option in the Collections section of the sidebar

So while we're already in the Toe Socks special collection, we can still choose other collections that cross over into toe socks. If our catalog was a Venn diagram, we'd be looking at the overlap between the Toe Socks circle and other circles. We won't be seeing any collections that don't overlap with the Toe Socks here. Fortunately for us, Tabi socks do overlap, so we're going to go right ahead and click on that link. 

Image of the Toe Socks collection narrowed down to just Tabi styles

Now we are only seeing tabi styles, and all is well in the land of toe. 


For our next trick, we're going to take the opposite approach - we're going to broaden our results from a category in the drop-down menu that we looked at in the very begginning so that we can see all of the available categories. 

This time we're going to start out by clicking on one of the currently available seasonal collections in the SOCKS drop-down menu. At the time of this example, that would be either Autumn or Winter. Let's go with the Autumn Collection. 

Image of cursor hovering over the "clear all" button under the seasonal Autumn selection

Now that we're in, you can simply click the "clear all" button under the collection you're viewing in the left-hand sidebar. This will take you to a page with our entire catalog available for sorting in whatever way you like.

 image of the full catalog

At this point you've broadened your results as much as possible, but keep reading to find out why this is useful... 

image of cursor hovering over "Angora" in the collections section of the sidebar

This time when we scroll down to the "Collection" section of the sidebar we can see every available collection, unlike before when we were already in toe socks. We're going to click on the "Angora" collection for this example, but of course you may choose whichever collection you're interested in browsing!

screen cap of the Angora collection, including socks and accessories

And here we are! The angora collection, which as you can see, includes accessories in addition to socks. That's because we broadened our results instead of just clicking right through on the word "SOCKS", which leaves out accessories. Now you can shop by theme, without having to specify an item type. Enjoy!