Cable Knit

The textural criss-crossings of cable knit socks create captivating cables knit into comfy socks, stockings, tights, and warmers for both arms & legs. Whether serpentine, chain, braid, or more, cable knit is simultaneously cozy and chic. The classic sweater sock look of cable knit makes it perfect for evoking delightful wintery styles any time of year, or when you’re looking for a more traditional sock, or something to go with your kilt. Probably the most classic cable knit socks are done in wool, but there’s a whole world of cabled socks out there!


Kind of Cabled

We know that not all of the styles you find when searching for “cableknit” on our site are truly cable knit socks. True cable knit requires the stitches be re-ordered in the process of knitting and uses some pretty neat and specific needles to create that distinctive look. Finding actual cable knit socks for us to offer can sometimes be difficult, so we include faux cable styles to satisfy your textural needs. The effect of cables can be suggested with raised textures (often in diamond patterns) and they’re just as lovely, so don’t let technicalities limit you!


Cable Knit Knee Socks

The most traditional height for cable knit socks, knee highs and over the knees and that in-between “knee sock” range look great with skirts (and kilts). Our Diamond Rib Knee Highs may be a faux cable, but they’re one of our favourites for their nice stretch, reclaimed cotton and delightful mix of textures.


More Than Cable Knit Socks

Most non-sweater cable knit you find is going to be socks, but there are more ways to rock those classic cables than just from the knees down.

  • Cable Knit Tights: Textured tights are a fabulous way to add visual interest without going too flashy, and cable knit tights (or faux cable) are the acme of textured tights. Cascading cables from tops to toes? Sign us up!
  • Cable Knit Warmers: Whether it’s arm or leg warmers in a cable knit, their texture makes them seem even warmer.

Other Sweater Sock Styles

If all this talk of cable knit socks has you wanting more options for sweater-like styles, then we have some more options for you! The key when searching for cozy textured socks using our Advanced Search is to check off “Warm!” under the Theme heading. That offers up the snuggliest styles. Here are some of our favourites:

  • Ribbed + Warm! Thick ribbed socks that are ready for winter, with both both wide and narrow ribs and lots of coverage options.
  • Marled + Warm! Even though “marled” is just a pattern of yarn, it gets used in the warmest socks on a regular basis. Even thinking of the kind of socks you picture wearing when you’re cuddled up in a cabin are probably marled!
  • Fair Isle! As traditional as cable knit, fair isle socks are often knit in nice thick yarns, using the two colour patterning that defines them.

What is it about cable knit socks that makes us think “cozy”?! Is it the thick texture, or how they evoke warm winter sweaters? Well, no matter why, we love them!