Bootsocks (or boot socks), they're thick and warm, comfy and cozy: the perfect layer between your toes and your boots or for just lounging around the house. They tend to slouch quite nicely as well. They are not only a great sock for cushioning your feet and keeping them toasty warm, but depending on the style, they can also be a fantastic fashion accessory for colder weather wear. Just as you would expect, boot socks (whether you leave a space between the words is sort of up to you, but you’ll get better results in our search if you use the phrase “bootsocks”) are pretty self-explanatory. Boots are hardcore shoes, so it only makes sense that socks for boots need to be strong and sturdy with a decent thickness. Bootsocks typically range between midcalf to knee high length—just like boots. However, boot socks can also be found in crew sock length. What makes a bootsock so special? Comfort, durability, and thicknessis what is really boils down to, and since that can vary from each individual foot and boot, we have a bootsock that showcases the wide range of socks to wear with boots.

Thickness and Comfort

More often than not thickness and comfort tend to go hand in hand, especially for those times when you want more sock between you and your hard boots to cushion your feet. One of the best ways to ensure that your socks will be thick enough to cushion your toes well is terry lining. Those little loops are like fluffy shock absorbers. Terry-lined socks can come in a variety of styles, ranging from the lining just on the bed of the sock to all the way up to the sock cuff. Comfort is different for everyone, but luckily a wide range of bootsocks are available to choose from. When looking through the various styles, keep an eye on the product descriptions for factors such as sock height, weight, and fiber content. Utilizing our search feature can really help in narrowing just the exact type of boot sock that will work for you. Such as specifying if you are looking for midcalves or knee highs. You can also refine your search to bring up better boot sock options by adding descriptors such as “Terry” or “Sport”as a search term to narrow results. It’s up to you to play around with the results from there to find what you’re looking for.

Sturdiness and Durability

These two factors are the real variable when it comes to how well your bootsocks (or really any sock) will hold up. How, when, and where you get holes in your boot socks depends on the shoes (boots are a big culprit!), your feet, and how you walk. A good way to find sturdiness is to look at sport socks. And we’ve got a category for that! You’ll find brands like the fantastic Dahlgren—with their built in support and an amazing ability to stand up to wear and tear—and Stance, designed by and for skateboarders but perfect for anyone who puts their socks through the paces.

Dream Stocking Bootsocks

Because we like bootsocks so much, our Dream Stockings house brand has three styles exclusive to Sock Dreams. The M Bootsocks and Authentic Military Bootsocks both have terry inside for extra durability and cushiness and come in various colors and sizes, and our redesigned Warm and Cozy (formerly Thick and Bulky) Bootsocks are a luxurious treat for your feet.