Blogger Outreach Program

Do you have an excellent online presence? Love socks? Want more Sock Dreams socks in your life? This could be the place for you!

How to Apply

We're always looking for new bloggers and social media stars to collaborate with us, so if this sounds like you, please take a moment to fill out our blogger application. We'll get back to you as soon as possible if we think you're a good fit for our current round of promotions. 

Unfortunately we aren’t able to collaborate with everybody who applies, but if you don’t hear back from us, that doesn’t have to be the end! You may just need to grow your audience or experiment with your blog’s visual style a bit. If you’ve already applied in the past, but you know your blog or social media presence has grown and changed since your last application, feel free to resubmit! 

How our Blogger Outreach Program Works

Usually the way our blogger outreach works is that we send selected bloggers some promotional samples of our house brand socks to wear and post photos of. We can provide our bloggers with a special promotional code to share with their followers, to use on the items being promoted. Once photos have been posted by our bloggers, we can cross-promote each other’s accounts, allowing everybody involved to reach a larger audience.

We also just got a new feature of our user accounts going, which allows you to refer friends with a custom link, so that you receive Sock Dreams rewards points anytime somebody places an order of $10 or more via your link. Anybody can use this feature, but we think it will be particularly beneficial to folks participating in our blogger outreach program.

Typically the socks selected for promotion will be from our house brands: DreaM Stockings and Dreamer Socks. We like to let our bloggers choose some styles from these lines for themselves, because you know your style better than we do. Once the blogger in question has had a chance to choose some socks, our brand managers will often select additional styles that we feel could work well for your aesthetic. 

Who We've Worked With

While we're always looking for new styles and audiences, we know that it might help to see some examples of what other bloggers have done. Check out this selction of people we're currently working with, or have worked with in the past: 


Elisa Lovelie in mismatched striped stockings

Elisa Lovelie in Extraordinary Striped Thigh Highs and M Stripes, as photographed by Kathy Libraty

IngridBeast in Olive Chevron Sleeves

IngridBeast rocks Chevron Sleeves in black and olive, as seen on Instagram

Babegrl in Roll Top Extraordinaries

Babegrl in Roll Top Extraordinaries and Miss Naughty Deep Lace Suspender Belt, as seen on Instagram.

Michael Spookshow of

Michael Spookshow of sports Extraordinarily Longer Striped Thigh Highs over Pothole Pantyhose.

 Acrobatrix in Dreamer Zig Zag Thigh Highs

Acrobatrix in Dreamer Zig Zag Striped Thigh Highs, photographed by Cole Simon

 FluevogBecca in Vertically Inclined Stockings

FluevogBecca in Vertically Inclined Stockings, as seen on Instagram.

 _FairytaleFashion_ in Extraordinary Gradient Stripe Thigh Highs

_FairytaleFashion_ in Extraordinary Gradient Stripe Thigh Highs, as seen on Instagram.

KittyCarousel in Longer O Chevrons

KittyCarousel in Longer O Chevrons, as seen on instagram.

KatoPunk in Extraordinarily Longer Striped Thigh Highs

KatoPunk in black and dark charcoal Extraordinarily Longer Thigh Highs, as seen on Instagram

TrollTail in Extraordinary Striped Thigh Highs

TrollTail in tan and dark brown Extraordinary Thigh HIghs, as seen on Instagram.

 MadGirlMaddy in Harvest Rainbow Crews

MadGirlMaddy in Harvest Rainbow Crews, as seen on Instagram

AairinGates in Dreamer Freedom Stripes

AairinGates in Dreamer Freedom Stripes, as seen on Instagram.