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  1. Solid Staples

    Solid Staples
    It’s that time of year again: soon summer vacation will be over and fall will be in full swing. This year I wanted to take a look at that often-overlooked staple: solid socks.
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  2. Stylish Tubes

    Stylish Tubes
    The term "tube sock" may bring to mind a sport sock, but in actuality tube socks are simply socks without a formed heel—a literal tube of fabric, that will fit a much wider range of feet than a sock with a designated heel.
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  3. Socks for Arbor Day

    Socks for Arbor Day
    Spring is in full bloom these days and with it come the many annual events that mark this time of renewal. Last week we covered Eco-Friendly socks for Earth Day. We thought Arbor Day, a similar event solely dedicated to the planting and caring for trees, would be the perfect occasion to highlight all of our tree-themed socks. The...
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  4. The Cat Lady's Diary - Part 2

    The Cat Lady's Diary - Part 2
    Dearest Diary, It’s been awhile since I’ve last written, sorry about that. I’ve just been so busy trying to keep up with my precious babies! This morning I summoned all of them to their feeding bowls by singing the labels of their food cans. It truly brightens my smile to hear their little paws scamper towards me for breakfast...
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  5. The Cat Lady's Diary

    The Cat Lady's Diary
    Dearest Diary, What a wonderful day today was! As you know, I've been planning a Cat Birthday Party for weeks in honor of my sweet baby, Dale! I sent handmade invitations out to all of our closest friends and even made my very first fish cake. Waking up with my kitty crew usually leads to hours of cuddling in bed...
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  6. Brand Spotlight: The Big Tights Company!

    Brand Spotlight: The Big Tights Company!
    Sock Dreams is pleased to introduce you to one of our newest suppliers: The Big Tights Company! These beautiful styles are produced on a knitting machine that has been customized with the higher end of Plus Size in mind. Features include a deeper waist-to-gusset reinforced panty top to accommodate tummies and bottoms, comfy waistband, and the largest size boasts a hip...
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  7. EG Smith tights: back and better than ever!

    EG Smith tights: back and better than ever!
    Did you see the holiday miracle that snuck into the What’s New page?
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  8. Tips and Tricks: Measuring!

    Tips and Tricks: Measuring!
    We love to help you find the perfect socks, but we need a little bit of information first.
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  9. No-Shave-November

    No Shave November! Mustaches and options with more opacity!
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  10. DIY: Bleach stamping!

    DIY: Bleach stamping!
    Bleach! It’s a nightmare when it accidentally encounters dark coloured socks and tights, but if you do it on purpose it is pretty much magic!
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