1. DIY: Bleach stamping!
    10/18/2013 Brenna
    DIY, Sock Journal & Reference

    DIY: Bleach stamping!

    Bleach! It’s a nightmare when it accidentally encounters dark coloured socks and tights, but if you do it on purpose it is pretty much magic!

  2. DIY: Drawing detail!
    10/26/2012 Brenna
    DIY, Sock Journal, Reference, Coverage, Halloween, Tights, Seasonal & Costumes

    DIY: Drawing detail!

    Oh dang, Halloween is just days away! It’s time for some last minute costume DIY—drawing on tights and socks!

  3. DIY: Last Minute Costume Socks
    10/28/2011 Brenna
    DIY, Sock Journal, Halloween, Socks, Seasonal & Costumes

    DIY: Last Minute Costume Socks

    Halloween is almost here! And it’s probably too late to get your socks in time. But if you have socks on hand, you can still whip together the right kind of socks to complete your costume.