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  1. Patterns & Textures: Vertical Stripes

    Patterns & Textures: Vertical Stripes
    Vertical stripes are strange. They can be thick and bold or pinstripe thin, or they can be just suggested by vertical bands of pattern. What they definitely are though, is striking. And sometimes difficult to find because of how they’re knit.
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  2. Socks Through Time: History of Top-Stripes

    Socks Through Time: History of Top-Stripes
    If you've been paying attention to fashion trends for 2018, you may have noticed that top-striped styles are currently a must-have. Being the nerds and amateur historians that we are, we decided to look into the history of this look, and the results were both surprising, and reassuring. But what is surprising about the history of top-stripes? Well, in...
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  3. Our Proudest Year Yet

    Our Proudest Year Yet
    Every year we do a round-up of our rainbow socks for June, which we hold dear as Pride Month! In past years we've even branched out to suggest styles and combinations of styles which best represent the other pride flags, but this year we went ahead and made our own! Additionally, we've been rethinking our rainbows and adding exciting new variations, because...
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  4. The Cat Lady's Diary

    The Cat Lady's Diary
    Dearest Diary, What a wonderful day today was! As you know, I've been planning a Cat Birthday Party for weeks in honor of my sweet baby, Dale! I sent handmade invitations out to all of our closest friends and even made my very first fish cake. Waking up with my kitty crew usually leads to hours of cuddling in bed...
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  5. Labor Day Rules!

    Labor Day Rules!
    For those of us that are going back to school, Labor Day signifies the end of summer. Amidst all the shopping that comes with school back in session, we can't help but be reminded of the once-often popular fashion trend of "no wearing white after Labor Day".
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  6. Happy Halloween!

    Happy Halloween!
    Oh my gosh, it’s Halloween! Let's look at some favourite spooky styles!
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  7. Matching stripes across styles!

    Matching stripes across styles!
    We’ve been learning some colour 101 the past several months, now, let’s level up!
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  8. Harvesting More Rainbows

    While May might not be what you think of as harvest season, we think that with all of June's Pride celebrations right around the corner this is the perfect time to expand on one of our most popular lines of socks: Harvest Rainbows! These colorful thigh highs flew solo for the first few years of their reign, but with...
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  9. Sakura Con

    Konnichiwa, Sock Dreams fans! For our second event of the season, we head back up to Seattle for the Pacific Northwest's largest anime convention, Sakura Con!
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  10. Tips and Tricks: Putting on vertical stripes!

    Tips and Tricks: Putting on vertical stripes!
    Vertical stripes are stunning but tricky, like a femme fatale. But we have a tip to help make sure they don’t trick you.
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