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  1. Solid Staples

    Solid Staples
    It’s that time of year again: soon summer vacation will be over and fall will be in full swing. This year I wanted to take a look at that often-overlooked staple: solid socks.
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  2. Stylish Tubes

    Stylish Tubes
    The term "tube sock" may bring to mind a sport sock, but in actuality tube socks are simply socks without a formed heel—a literal tube of fabric, that will fit a much wider range of feet than a sock with a designated heel.
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  3. Tour Ozone's Poison Garden

    Tour Ozone's Poison Garden
    Here at Sock Dreams we employ many a gardening enthusiast, who are, of course, also sock enthusiasts. Thus it should come as no surprise that some of us are really, really into Ozone's Witches Garden and Apothecary Florals collections. These lines feature poisonous and medicinal plants that are as interesting as they are beautiful. If, like us, you dream of...
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  4. Sunny Socks for Summer Solstice

    Sunny Socks for Summer Solstice
    With the Summer Solstice, it is now officially summer! We’ve gathered the best yellows under the sun, to fill your day with brightness.
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  5. Three Ways to Follow Us On Instagram

    Three Ways to Follow Us On Instagram
    You may be aware of our main Instagram account, but did you know we actually have three accounts?
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  6. Our Proudest Year Yet

    Our Proudest Year Yet
    Every year we do a round-up of our rainbow socks for June, which we hold dear as Pride Month! In past years we've even branched out to suggest styles and combinations of styles which best represent the other pride flags, but this year we went ahead and made our own! Additionally, we've been rethinking our rainbows and adding exciting new variations, because...
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  7. Spring into Fashion!

    Spring into Fashion!
    It was a long and stormy winter, but we've finally made it through the darkest months of the year! Now the days will be getting longer and warmer, at least up here in the Northern Hemisphere. So, what's new for Spring this year? We think these recent additions will fit the bill this season... Opaque...
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  8. Socks for Aquarius

    Socks for Aquarius
    Finally, Aquarius, we're almost back to the start of the Zodiac, and while we know you've been trying to maintain the appearance of patiently waiting, it can't have been easy…. Not that you notice or care about horoscopes. How unscientific, right?? Well, if you feel like continuing to read, we will be honored, and what’s more we won't tell anybody...
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  9. Farewell to 2016: A Sock Year in Review

    Farewell to 2016: A Sock Year in Review
    Well folks, we've managed to complete another trip around the Sun! Word around the internet is that 2016 wasn't a great year for most folks, but here at Sock Dreams we try to put a positive spin on things, so we thought this would be a good time to take a look back at what was good about 2016. It...
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  10. Socks for Sagittarius

    Socks for Sagittarius
    Dear Sagittarius, it's finally your time to shine, and as the sign ruled by the largest planet (which you probably know as Jupiter) we know you're going to do it up big! Sagittarius just might not have the same idea of what that means as the rest of us... maybe it's time we all learned a little something about the...
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