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You've found all of our posts tagged #Portland! Sock Dreams is based in Portland, Oregon, which is where all of our orders ship from! We have two locations, at opposite ends of town. Our brick and mortar retail shop is located on N Mississippi Ave, in the Boise neighborhood or Portland. Our headquarters building is located on SE 17th Avenue, in the Sellwood neighborhood, formerly known as West Moreland. While our headquarters location is not open to the public to shop in person, it is our pickup location for orders placed via our website!

  1. Team Colors

    Team Colors
    Fall is here, and a lot of sports are in full swing. If you feel like donning your team’s colors, socks can be a great way to spice up an outfit.
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  2. Business in the Front, Gelato in the Back

      Big news for Portland locals and visitors: our brick and mortar location just got even dreamier! Now when you come down to Sellwood to check out our socks, you can get yourself some delicious gelato, from the Atlas Scoops cart, which is now located on our lot, right behind the shop. Those of...
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  3. GearCon 2014!

    GearCon 2014!
    This past weekend, Sock Dreams was the proud sponsor of GearCon 2014. What a weekend of wonders! From classes on actually executing your own version of Around the World in 80 Days, to intricate devices, there was truly something for everyone.
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  4. PDX Pride Recap & San Francisco Pride News!

    We've come to the end of another wonderful Pride celebration here in Portland, and our hearts are just bursting with love and rainbows. Saturday saw a lot of action—and a couple of product re-stocks, since it was chilly and just the perfect weather for socks! Sunday, our last day at Pride, was a big...
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  5. Socks and Pups, a Sock Dreams event for Family Dogs New Life

    We always find it doubly rewarding to be able to be an active participant in raising money and awareness for a great cause.This Saturday, August 24th, from 12-3pm, we will be hosting a fundraising event for a wonderful shelter called Family Dogs New Life, at our brick and mortar store.
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  6. One year at the Indigo Building!

    One year at the Indigo Building!
    Oh my goodness! We’ve been at our new headquarters a year!!
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  7. Leaky Con: it's not just for Harry Potter fans!

    This year's Leaky Con has expanded beyond Harry Potter, and now features teen fiction in general.
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  8. Ladies Day Out!

    Hey, all you Sock Dreams fans!!! This weekend, we're going to be at a convention that focuses on all things for the ladies: Ladies Day Out at the Oregon Convention Center!
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  9. Proud parade for PrideNW!

    Proud parade for PrideNW!
    This is our seventh year at PrideNW and each year we have more fun!
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  10. Filmed by Bike 2013

    Here in our beautiful home city of Portland, OR; bike is king. There are a million things you and your bicycle can participate in: pub bike crawls, bike rides on the rainiest windiest days of the year, bike rides through fields of flowers and forests of trees, bike rides where they shut down our numerous Portland bridges, and of course...
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