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  1. Stylish Tubes

    Stylish Tubes
    The term "tube sock" may bring to mind a sport sock, but in actuality tube socks are simply socks without a formed heel—a literal tube of fabric, that will fit a much wider range of feet than a sock with a designated heel.
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  2. DIY: Embellished Fishnet Tights

    DIY: Embellished Fishnet Tights
    Embellished fishnet tights are stunning and magical! Seeing Lirika Matoshi's work got us inspired (and a little envious) and we had to try this technique for ourselves, with sew and no-sew options!
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  3. Socks Through Time: the History of Fishnet

    Socks Through Time: the History of Fishnet
    Fishnet is a material with a lot of history and connotations, and while our assumptions about it have changed over time, its history is always lurking just below its netted surface... but do we really know what its full history is? Today we aim to find out... Actual fishing nets, the inspiration for fishnet clothing. Image sourced...
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  4. Summer socks: footies and openwork!

    Summer socks: footies and openwork!
    We’re loving summer and having a blast with new no-shows and awesome openwork!
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  5. Lace it up!

    Lace it up!
    Speaking of lace (well, we did last week) reminds us of lace up things! Or faux lace up, which is really just as fabulous!
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  6. Last night, in Portland

    For the first time in years I ventured out to see a concert... it was my third time seeing Tori Amos, and thanks to the splendor of the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall it was the best. I took along two of my dearest friends, Sock Dreams CFO Kori and Sock Dreams web designer Olivia, we had an amazing view from...
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  7. Fishnet...

    Fishnet always seemed like a perennial favorite, one that never went out of style. And while it surely must be a true classic that never really goes out of style, especially in warmer weather, it certainly does seem to me that demand has dropped the last couple of years. That said, I still love fishnet so when I noticed new...
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