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  1. Geek Girl Con 2018

    Geek Girl Con 2018
    Our last con of the year is here! Get ready for Geek Girl Con!
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  2. Dragon Con and Rose City Comic Con 2018

    Dragon Con and Rose City Comic Con 2018
    The beginning of September is always a bit of a whirlwind, as we tackle two cons back to back!
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  3. Geek Girl Con

    Geek Girl Con
    We'll be winding down our con season this weekend with Geek Girl Con.
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  4. Events Season 2016!

    Events Season 2016!
    It’s that time of year again: convention season!
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  5. Geek Girl Con!

    Geek Girl Con!
    We had a blast at our latest event, Rose City Comic Con. Now it is time for us to bring our season to a close with one last event. Geek Girl Con is this weekend in Seattle, WA and we'll be there! We're bringing our socks, our con exclusives, and a special deal! Stop by booth 105 to see them...
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  6. Thar be DragonCon

    Thar be DragonCon
    This year's Dragon Con was the busiest event of the season! This meant that not only were we able to share our socks with a whole new group of stocking enthusiasts, we also got to meet an exceptional number of Sock Dreams fanatics. Here are just a few of the smiling faces that came by to show off their sock...
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  7. Socking a Dragon - Dragon Con 2015

    Socking a Dragon - Dragon Con 2015
    Not long ago, in a forest just outside the city of Portland, a dragon awakened from his century long rest. The two headed beast bellowed and thrashed through the forest beyond the city walls. The people of Portland were frightened and the guard gathered their weapons. "Stop!" came a commanding cry. A collective gasp ran through the crowd as they turned to discover...
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  8. GearCon 2014!

    GearCon 2014!
    This past weekend, Sock Dreams was the proud sponsor of GearCon 2014. What a weekend of wonders! From classes on actually executing your own version of Around the World in 80 Days, to intricate devices, there was truly something for everyone.
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  9. PDX Pride Recap & San Francisco Pride News!

    We've come to the end of another wonderful Pride celebration here in Portland, and our hearts are just bursting with love and rainbows. Saturday saw a lot of action—and a couple of product re-stocks, since it was chilly and just the perfect weather for socks! Sunday, our last day at Pride, was a big...
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  10. KumoriCon - Password #3

    If you're joining us at KumoriCon today, come and find us! The first 6 people to give us the password today gets a mystery denomination Sock Dreams Gift Card!
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