1. August: National Peach Month
    08/12/2015 Sabrina
    DIY, Summer, Sock Journal & Reference

    August: National Peach Month

    The beginning of August marks the mid-point between the summer solstice and autumnal equinox, signifying the height of summer here in the Pacific Northwest. The warm season is in full-swing, so why not reap the benefits while you can? All...

  2. Colours: White!
    07/03/2015 Brenna
    Sock Journal, Colours & Reference

    Colours: White!

    Summer brights, time for white!

  3. Let's dye petticoats!
    10/03/2014 Brenna
    DIY, Sock Journal & Reference

    Let's dye petticoats!

    Can you feel it? Costume season is here! So let’s talk about dying petticoats, because you totally can!

  4. DIY: Dyeing stockings to match
    05/31/2013 Brenna
    DIY, Sock Journal, Thigh Highs, Reference, Coverage & Stockings

    DIY: Dyeing stockings to match

    Let's combine our nylon dyeing knowledge with stockings to customise your look!

  5. DIY: Dyeing nylon!
    09/28/2012 Brenna
    DIY, Sock Journal & Reference

    DIY: Dyeing nylon!

    Dyeing isn’t just for cotton blends. Check out how you can transform nylon!

  6. DIY: More dyeing techniques
    03/23/2012 Brenna
    DIY & Sock Journal

    DIY: More dyeing techniques

    A few fancier options for sock dyeing than we showed you last week.

  7. DIY: Ready, set, COLOUR!
    03/16/2012 Brenna
    DIY, Sock Journal & Socks

    DIY: Ready, set, COLOUR!

    March is National Crafting Month and we have a new Crafty Bundle for you to play with!