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  1. Best-Of Halloween Round Up

    Best-Of Halloween Round Up
    We’ve reached October, that wonderful time known to some as “fall”, but to many as “Halloween season!” We get pretty excited about this time of year, and as you start to plan your costumes, we wanted to round up some highlights from years past.
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  2. Costumer's Round Up

    Costumer's Round Up
    To start off this season of Cosplay Corner, we thought it was appropriate to round up a “greatest hits” collection from our sock journal.
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  3. ECCC 2016 - Con Report

    ECCC 2016 - Con Report
    Wow, what a con! This was the first year Emerald City Comic Con expanded to four days instead of three. One more day of seeing fantastic cosplay, buying fantastic trinkets, and meeting our fantastic customers!
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  4. Geek Girl Con!

    Geek Girl Con!
    We had a blast at our latest event, Rose City Comic Con. Now it is time for us to bring our season to a close with one last event. Geek Girl Con is this weekend in Seattle, WA and we'll be there! We're bringing our socks, our con exclusives, and a special deal! Stop by booth 105 to see them...
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  5. Historical Costuming: part 1

    Historical Costuming: part 1
    We Dreamers wear a lot of hats (and socks, of course), but one of our favorite jobs around here is helping customers find the perfect socks for cosplays and costumes. While finding a good color match for a cartoon character’s socks can be challenging, things get even harder when it comes to historical costuming. This probably has to do with...
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  6. Stories from New England

    Stories from New England
    For our latest adventure, the events team and I took flight across the country to participate in another comic book convention. This one took place in the gorgeous city of Boston, right on the Harbor. What a city! The days were full of sunlight and ocean breezes. The evenings, with their gentle rain fall, and the music wafting from the Blue...
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  7. Cosplay Corner: DIY Stocking Adornments

    Cosplay Corner: DIY Stocking Adornments
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