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  1. Best-Of Halloween Round Up

    Best-Of Halloween Round Up
    We’ve reached October, that wonderful time known to some as “fall”, but to many as “Halloween season!” We get pretty excited about this time of year, and as you start to plan your costumes, we wanted to round up some highlights from years past.
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  2. Last Minute DIY Costume: Eight-Legged Freaks

    Last Minute DIY Costume: Eight-Legged Freaks
    Even those of us who are obsessed with Halloween and think about it all year around sometimes miss the deadline on assembling costume elements and must get creative with what we have on hand. This year we've got a pretty easy last-minute DIY which you should be able to style into either a humanoid octopus or spider costume, and best...
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  3. Matching stripes across styles!

    Matching stripes across styles!
    We’ve been learning some colour 101 the past several months, now, let’s level up!
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  4. Socks for Classic Costumes

    Socks for Classic Costumes
    We have some fun D.I.Y. plans for later this month, you costume cuties, but first let’s warm up with some classics!
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  5. Putting on a costume, and a character

    Here at Sock Dreams, we associate with all sorts of costumed characters. Whether they be sultry or silly, we be-sock them all!
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  6. DIY: Drawing detail!

    DIY: Drawing detail!
    Oh dang, Halloween is just days away! It’s time for some last minute costume DIY—drawing on tights and socks!
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  7. Costume contest!

    We're thrilled to be hosting a Halloween costume contest on Tumblr this year! Show us your spookiest, kookiest costumes using Sock Dreams socks, and if we love your picture the best, you'll win one of three gift cards.
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  8. Socks For: Pop Costumes!

    Socks For: Pop Costumes!
    Did you know Sock Dreamers are pretty nerdy and into pop culture? Well, if you didn’t, we’re ready to prove it to you with our costume suggestions!
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  9. Socks for: Monsters!

    Socks for: Monsters!
    Some sock-tastic tributes to Universal’s classic movie monsters!
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  10. Socks on TV!

    Socks on TV!
    I’ve already shared some socks of the silver screen, now it’s time to turn to TV!
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