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  1. Geek Girl Con 2018

    Geek Girl Con 2018
    Our last con of the year is here! Get ready for Geek Girl Con!
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  2. Geek Girl Con!

    Geek Girl Con!
    We had a blast at our latest event, Rose City Comic Con. Now it is time for us to bring our season to a close with one last event. Geek Girl Con is this weekend in Seattle, WA and we'll be there! We're bringing our socks, our con exclusives, and a special deal! Stop by booth 105 to see them...
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  3. Stories from New England

    Stories from New England
    For our latest adventure, the events team and I took flight across the country to participate in another comic book convention. This one took place in the gorgeous city of Boston, right on the Harbor. What a city! The days were full of sunlight and ocean breezes. The evenings, with their gentle rain fall, and the music wafting from the Blue...
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  4. Some new friends from Chicago

    Some new friends from Chicago
    For us, Chicago's Comic and Entertainment Expo, came and went in a blast of frigid wind, a sprinkling of unseasonable snow, and a mad rush of pop culture enthusiasm. As you can imagine, we ran into a wild assortment of sock loving characters. On Friday one of our first customers was Jillian in black O Basics, who solemnly swore that...
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  5. Bright Lights, Emerald City

    Bright Lights, Emerald City
    We clicked our heels three times and have finally made it home from Emerald City Comic Con. While there is definitely no place like home, we have to admit that ECCC was an amazing adventure. The best part about it though, was getting to meet some of you. We were impressed with the way you tied some of our favorite...
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