1. Colours for St Patrick!
    03/08/2013 Brenna
    Sock Journal & Socks

    Colours for St Patrick!

    Nowadays green may be the most common St. Patrick’s day colour, but there are lots of other historic hues!

  2. Wonderful winter colour wheels
    01/04/2013 Brenna
    Sock Journal, Winter, Socks & Seasonal

    Wonderful winter colour wheels

    We’re properly into winter now and a new season means new colour wheels!

  3. Fall colours!
    08/31/2012 Brenna
    Sock Journal, Autumn & Seasonal

    Fall colours!

    Can you believe it is practically September? I guess that means it’s time for some autumnal colour wheels!

  4. Socks to the moon!
    07/20/2012 Brenna
    Sock Journal, Super Long Socks, Coverage & Socks

    Socks to the moon!

    It’s moon day! Forty-three years ago man landed on the moon. So let’s celebrate Earth’s grey little sister with some colour wheels!

  5. Soft Spring Rainbows!
    04/06/2012 Brenna
    Spring, Sock Journal, Socks & Seasonal

    Soft Spring Rainbows!

    It’s April and properly spring. It’s time, I think, for some pastel rainbows!

  6. Winter Rainbows
    11/25/2011 Brenna
    Sock Journal, Winter, Socks & Seasonal

    Winter Rainbows

    It may be getting cold, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have some colour! It’s time for winter rainbows!

  7. Summer Rainbows!
    07/22/2011 Brenna
    Arm Warmers, Summer, Sock Journal, Over the Knee, Coverage, Socks & Seasonal

    Summer Rainbows!

    Has your summer been busy? Ours has and I think it’s time for some rainbow wheels in the dusty, bright colours of summer.

  8. Spring Rainbows
    04/15/2011 Brenna
    Arm Warmers, Spring, Sock Journal, Coverage & Seasonal

    Spring Rainbows

    Spring is slowly unfurling, and we're getting warmer days but cold mornings and breezes mean layers like arm warmers are essential.