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  1. 2017: A Sock Year in Review, Part 2

    2017: A Sock Year in Review, Part 2
    Last week we started walking you through all the styles we created in our housebrand lines in 2017, and this week we bring you part 2!
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  2. 2017: A Sock Year in Review, Part 1

    2017: A Sock Year in Review, Part 1
    2017 was a record year for our housebrands. In true Sock Dreams style, we brought in a lot of stripes, a lot of colors, and some delightful new textures. In Part 1, we're going we're going back to basics.
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  3. Loving Myself With These Plus Size Picks!

    Loving Myself With These Plus Size Picks!
    Valentine’s Day is commonly thought of as a day for romance, but I feel that the “day of love” can be applied to all types of love that exist, and all deserve to be celebrated. Love felt in friendship, relationships we have with our family members, romantic and self-love.
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  4. Get Inspired with Bob Ross!

    Get Inspired with Bob Ross!
    Many know and love Bob Ross from his work as the creator and host of the PBS television program The Joy of Painting. His lessons in landscape oil painting made use of simple tools and techniques, which made the medium accessible to a wide range of people. In each half-hour episode, Bob showed his viewers how to take their canvas from...
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  5. My Capsule (Sock) Wardrobe

    My Capsule (Sock) Wardrobe
    I’ve always been intrigued by Capsule Wardrobes, which are very popular in minimalist circles. I always wondered, could I do the same with socks?
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  6. 10 Socktacular New Year’s Resolutions

    10 Socktacular New Year’s Resolutions
    2018 is here at last, and, like every year, it has a lot of us thinking about what goals or life changes we want to make this year. Well, sometimes treating yourself to a cute pair of socks is just the incentive to work towards you resolutions, and we’ve got some themed socks for you!
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  7. Some Solstice Styles

    Some Solstice Styles
    Today is the Winter Solstice here in the Northern Hemisphere; the shortest day and the longest night, when we officially welcome in winter. It's been getting increasingly darker for the last few months, but after today, the days will start lengthening again.
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  8. Sparkle Velvet Holiday!

    Sparkle Velvet Holiday!
    Some holidays are traditionally merry, others are described as happy or festive. Here at Sock Dreams, we feel that any holiday can (and probably should) be full of sparkles and velvet. That is why when this dreamer received the writing prompt, "Sparkle/Velvet/Holiday," they took that baton and ran with it. Let's start with the pure velvet items, for the...
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  9. We Love Colors - New Tights, New Dreamer

    We Love Colors - New Tights, New Dreamer
    As a plus size woman I have struggled a majority of my life to find clothes that not only fit my body but that I also felt reflected my personality. And then the day came when we started carrying items from a company called “We Love Colors” that offered plus size tights in fun colors with some styles going up to 7X.
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  10. Sharing Wishlists

    Sharing Wishlists
    Wishlists can be really helpful if you’re shopping for someone who has everything.. And fortunately, sharing your wishlist is pretty easy!
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