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  1. Holiday Shipping Dates (2016)
    12/12/2016 Lucy
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    Holiday Shipping Dates (2016)

    The winter holidays are fast approaching, and now is the perfect time to get those orders in!

  2. Introducing: Weekly Specials
    12/09/2016 Lucy
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    Introducing: Weekly Specials

    If you've been watching our main page closely, you may have noticed a new category: weekly special sales!

  3. Socks for Sagittarius
    11/23/2016 Rosalind
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    Socks for Sagittarius

    Dear Sagittarius, it's finally your time to shine, and as the sign ruled by the largest planet (which you probably know as Jupiter) we know you're going to do it up big! Sagittarius just might not have the same idea...

  4. DIY - Slipper Socks
    11/10/2016 Rosalind
    DIY & Sock Journal

    DIY - Slipper Socks

    If you're like us, you love slipper socks. These cozy, grippy styles are perfect for wearing around the house, as they keep your feet warm and prevent slips on polished surfaces. The only downside is that we can't get all...

  5. Sock Nerds: Theatre
    11/02/2016 Lucy
    Sock Journal & Socks For

    Sock Nerds: Theatre

    Whimsical and imaginative, Theater Nerds are used to seeing past the mundane and building their own realities...

  6. Dragon Con Report
    10/25/2016 Lucy

    Dragon Con Report

    We took Atlanta by storm over Labor Day weekend for Dragon Con, and what a storm it was!

  7. Socks for Scorpio
    10/19/2016 Rosalind
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    Socks for Scorpio

    Dear Scorpio, it's very nearly your birthday! Maybe it's because Halloween falls in Scorpio, but you sure have got a heck of a reputation. Nobody can quite seem to agree as to what that reputation is, but you just might...

  8. Halloween Round-Up 2016!
    10/12/2016 Rosalind
    Sock Journal & Halloween

    Halloween Round-Up 2016!

    We're well into October, also known as the month of Halloween, and boy do we have some new tricks (and treats!) up our sleeves! But first, let's take care of business. October 22nd will be the last day that US...

  9. Geek Girl Con
    10/06/2016 Lucy

    Geek Girl Con

    We'll be winding down our con season this weekend with Geek Girl Con.

  10. Socks for Libra
    09/23/2016 kori
    Sock Journal

    Socks for Libra

    You've been waiting so patiently, dear Libra, and now it is finally your time to shine! As a company founded by a Libra, we have a special fondness for your sign, and have put together a collection of socks that...