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  1. The Cat Lady's Diary: On The Road
    27/07/2016 Sabrina
    Sock Journal & Socks

    The Cat Lady's Diary: On The Road

    Dearest Diary, When my darling cousin Bebe came to visit me last month, she insisted I come visit her in return the second I got a chance. It had been quite some time since I last took a trip...

  2. Sock for Leo
    20/07/2016 kori
    Sock Journal

    Sock for Leo

    Your Birthday is nearly here, so get those roars ready Leo! And get those tootsies ready too, because boy have we got the socks for you! As amateur astrologists, we dreamers have collected socks and accessories that should be just...

  3. Denver Comic Con 2016 Wrap Up
    19/07/2016 Rose
    Events, Dreamy, Costumes & Cosplay

    Denver Comic Con 2016 Wrap Up

    We had a blast at Denver Comic Con last month! We got to see some wonderful costumes and meet a lot of great people, some of which incorporated Sock Dreams brand socks into their con look! Which we absolutely love seeing...

  4. Embrace Your Geekiness
    14/07/2016 Zaffie
    Sock Journal

    Embrace Your Geekiness

      My name is Zaf and I am a proud geek, as you can see above. I love comic books, movies about comic books, underpants featuring my fave heroes from comic books . . . you get the...

  5. 'Go' Find Adventure!
    12/07/2016 Lucy

    'Go' Find Adventure!

    If you spend much time on the internet, by now you’ve probably heard that Pokémon Go was released in some areas last week. The world has taken notice, and we here at Sock Dreams are not immune...

  6. Summer Favorites
    07/07/2016 Lucy
    Sock Journal & Summer

    Summer Favorites

    Each sunny season brings new favorites, and it’s time for some summer recommendations!

  7. American Sock Dream
    29/06/2016 Rae
    Uncategorized & Sock Journal

    American Sock Dream

    Independence Day is sneaking up on us, like a Minuteman in 18th century Massachusetts.  You've got to stay on your toes if you want to have the perfect socks for the 4th. But don't worry; we've got plenty of Red...

  8. Con Survival Kit
    23/06/2016 Lucy
    Events, Costumes & Cosplay

    Con Survival Kit

    No matter how carefully crafted, even the most professional costume can be subject to costume malfunction. Even if you’re not cosplaying, having some of these essentials close by will help you have a happier con!

  9. Socks for Cancers
    22/06/2016 kori
    Sock Journal, Summer & Socks For

    Socks for Cancers

    Your Birthday is almost upon us Cancer, and this journal entry is just for you! You’ve spent so much time doing so many nice things for others, but you know what Crab? You deserve something nice too! And really, what’s...

  10. The Cat Lady's Diary: New Friends
    15/06/2016 Sabrina
    Uncategorized, Sock Journal & Socks

    The Cat Lady's Diary: New Friends

    Dearest Diary, Let me start by saying this week was one of the longest ones I've ever felt! When my darling cousin Bebe let me know she was in town, I immediately asked her to come stay at my...