1. What is a Kilt Sock?
    03/03/2016 Zaffie
    Sock Journal & What Is A . . ?

    What is a Kilt Sock?

    The kilt is one of the most iconic symbols of Scotland, right up there with thistles, bagpipes, and haggis. Countless works of art and media depictions feature strong, proud warriors in full tartan splendor. The original kilt has its roots in...

  2. Tools of the Sock Trade: Snag Removers
    02/24/2016 Rae
    Sock Journal & Tips & Tricks

    Tools of the Sock Trade: Snag Removers

    Let's face it. Snags happen. Socks can be particularly prone to this fiasco. They can catch on boot zippers, or stick on splintery furniture. They can get clawed by kittens, or entrapped by bike chains. Fortunately we in the sock...

  3. Sock Nerds: Genre Adventures
    02/17/2016 Lucy
    Sock Journal

    Sock Nerds: Genre Adventures

    The term “nerd” has evolved a lot over the years, from an insult to a badge of pride, but recently we’ve seen it be used more like the term “geek”—to denote a specific passion or expertise. You can have Food...

  4. Opposites Attract
    02/10/2016 Rosalind
    Sock Journal & Valentines Day

    Opposites Attract

    Valentine’s Day is a surprisingly big holiday for us – or maybe it’s not that surprising, if you consider that every pair of socks consists of two perfectly matched sole mates….. or do they?? Today we’ll be taking a look...

  5. Finding the Right Garter Belt for You!
    02/05/2016 Sabrina
    Uncategorized, Sock Journal, Reference & Plus Size

    Finding the Right Garter Belt for You!

    Back in Autumn, Dreamer Zaffie covered the many accessories we carry to keep thigh highs from falling down. Today we’re going to take a closer look at our selection of garter belts. We currently carry seven garter belts on our...

  6. Socks for Self Care
    01/27/2016 Rosalind
    Sock Journal

    Socks for Self Care

    There’s just something about a fresh new pair of socks that can really make a person feel good, but have you ever wondered what more socks have to offer in the feeling-good department? As it turns out, socks are kind...

  7. So Much Fleece!
    01/20/2016 Zaffie
    Sock Journal

    So Much Fleece!

    While we love wool, we realize that it's not for everyone. Those with allergies, sensitivities, or who choose not to wear animal fibers deserve an alternative material. Synthetic fleece, often made from polyester or nylon, was designed to mimic the insulating...

  8. Socks for: Roller Derby
    01/13/2016 Lucy
    Sock Journal

    Socks for: Roller Derby

    As we roll in the New Year, we’re excited about something else rolling in—namely, the start of the home season for Portland's local roller derby team, the Rose City Rollers! Their season opening is this Saturday, January 16th, and to...

  9. Returns
    01/06/2016 Sabrina
    Portland, Sock Journal, Reference & Store


    While we hope that every sock sold gets lots of love, we understand that sometimes it just doesn't work out. Maybe those sparkly tights don't match the dress you were planning to pair them with or those legwarmers arrived and...

  10. 2015: a Sock Year in Review
    12/31/2015 Rosalind
    Sock Journal & Dreamy

    2015: a Sock Year in Review

    2015 has been a pretty exciting year for us, and we're particularly pleased with the direction our house brands have been heading this year. We've actually released so many new styles of DreaM Stockings and Dreamer Socks that we felt...