1. American Sock Dream
    06/29/2016 Rae
    Uncategorized & Sock Journal

    American Sock Dream

    Independence Day is sneaking up on us, like a Minuteman in 18th century Massachusetts.  You've got to stay on your toes if you want to have the perfect socks for the 4th. But don't worry; we've got plenty of Red...

  2. Socks for Cancers
    06/22/2016 kori
    Sock Journal, Summer & Socks For

    Socks for Cancers

    Your Birthday is almost upon us Cancer, and this journal entry is just for you! You’ve spent so much time doing so many nice things for others, but you know what Crab? You deserve something nice too! And really, what’s...

  3. The Cat Lady's Diary: New Friends
    06/15/2016 Sabrina
    Uncategorized, Sock Journal & Socks

    The Cat Lady's Diary: New Friends

    Dearest Diary, Let me start by saying this week was one of the longest ones I've ever felt! When my darling cousin Bebe let me know she was in town, I immediately asked her to come stay at my...

  4. Socks for Pride
    06/08/2016 Rosalind
    Sock Journal, Gay Pride & Rainbows

    Socks for Pride

    Well dreamers, it’s June again – one of our very favorite months of the year, because it’s Pride month! As a company with “rainbow” as an option under our color search, it shouldn’t be too surprising that Pride is near...

  5. Sock Nerds: Sports
    06/02/2016 Lucy
    Sock Journal

    Sock Nerds: Sports

    Last time we talked about genre nerds, but this time we want to focus on what many might consider the complete opposite: sports nerds.

  6. Socks Through Time Part 1: The Beginning
    05/25/2016 Rosalind
    Sock Journal

    Socks Through Time Part 1: The Beginning

    Welcome to our first lesson in sock history! While we’ve talked about socks for historical costuming (three times!) in the past, we were focusing primarily on which socks we carry that can most accurately represent much older styles of sock and...

  7. Socks for Gemini
    05/18/2016 kori
    Sock Journal

    Socks for Gemini

    Your Birthday is right around the corner Gemini, and we’ve got some great collections of socks that may be just what you need to treat yourself this year. As amateur astrologists, we’ve taken the time to find the perfect socks...

  8. Socks for Cycling
    05/11/2016 Lucy
    Sock Journal & Socks For

    Socks for Cycling

    Here at Sock Dreams, we’re big fans of bikes and the people who ride them—being Portlanders, it’s practically required!

  9. Star Wars Sale!!!
    05/04/2016 Rae
    Sock Journal

    Star Wars Sale!!!

      May the 4th is a stellar day which celebrates all things Star Wars. As such, we are offering an equally stellar deal. From now until midnight, Stance's Star Wars socks are 25% off! That means that the adult...

  10. Socks for Arbor Day
    04/27/2016 Sabrina
    Spring, Sock Journal, Green, Made in the USA & Seasonal

    Socks for Arbor Day

    Spring is in full bloom these days and with it come the many annual events that mark this time of renewal. Last week we covered Eco-Friendly socks for Earth Day. We thought Arbor Day, a similar event solely dedicated to...