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Bundle up! We know the warmest socks and coziest options to keep your winter blues and chill away. From the perfect leggings to pair beneath skirts and pants to the thickest socks we carry, we know what styles will help keep you cozy when it's cold. Plus, we have all sorts of tips and suggestions for getting the most warmth out of your layering. Different textures and fibers do different jobs keeping cold out and warm in, and we have suggestions on how to win this winter’s war on warmth. If you can wear wool then you’ve already got a leg up on keeping warm this winter. The tried-and-true thermal nature of wool makes it an obvious choice for winter wear. But if you can’t wear wool we’ve got ideas for you too! Thankfully, lots of synthetic fibers are created to keep similar properties to wool’s wonderful ability to keep warm.

  1. 2019 Winter Looks

    2019 Winter Looks
    Winter is in full swing, and here are some of the styles we're rocking this year!
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  2. Holiday Shopping FAQ

    Holiday Shopping FAQ
    We know things can be pretty hectic this time of year, so here are quick answers to some common questions. Of course, if your question isn’t answered here, or you have any follow up questions, feel free to drop us a line!
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  3. Some Solstice Styles

    Some Solstice Styles
    Today is the Winter Solstice here in the Northern Hemisphere; the shortest day and the longest night, when we officially welcome in winter. It's been getting increasingly darker for the last few months, but after today, the days will start lengthening again.
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  4. Sparkle Velvet Holiday!

    Sparkle Velvet Holiday!
    Some holidays are traditionally merry, others are described as happy or festive. Here at Sock Dreams, we feel that any holiday can (and probably should) be full of sparkles and velvet. That is why when this dreamer received the writing prompt, "Sparkle/Velvet/Holiday," they took that baton and ran with it. Let's start with the pure velvet items, for the...
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  5. Wool Gifts

    Wool Gifts
    Listen, we know we have a LOT of wool styles, so when we put together our Wool Gift Collection we kept it small and simple.
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  6. The Longest Socks for the Longest Nights

    This week saw the official start of winter, and while it may have felt wintery for the last couple months, those of us in the northern hemisphere are currently experiencing the longest nights of the year. Though some see these long, cold, dark nights as kind of a bummer, we try to look at them as a great chance to get...
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  7. Socks for: Sleeping!

    Socks for: Sleeping!
    We’re about to lose an hour to Daylight Savings Time, but don’t let your feet lose any sleep!
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  8. Keeping Warm!

    Keeping Warm!
    The balmy days of spring are still in the distant future for a lot of us. Here’s some tips on keeping warm until then!
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  9. Dreamer Dress Up: Snow Day!

    Happy holidays dreamers! Things have been in full swing here at Sock Dreams HQ. We've been extra busy getting socks to their destined dreamers, whether they've been naughty or nice. All of that industriousness wont stop us from announcing this month's Dreamer Dress Up winners however. We saw various levels of bundling for our Snow Day theme. Some of you...
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  10. Tips & Tricks: The big ol' Ordering & Present-picking post!

    Tips & Tricks: The big ol' Ordering & Present-picking post!
    Don’t stress, we’ve got your back when it comes to holiday shopping!
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