Valentines Day -

Our Valentines are always socks (we've had a crush on them forever), but we'll happily help you find something perfect for yours! Whether you’re shopping for yourself or somebody else, we have just the thing to celebrate the holiday in a socktastic way. Sure, we have our Valentine's Sweetie Styles category, but there are a lot of styles in there and we know that can get overwhelming. Maybe you’re looking for a classically romantic look or gift, or you’re just wondering where to find all the red and pink—no worries, we got you. And if you are just using Valentines' Day as an excuse to buy someone you love socks, well, we are absolutely happy to help you find just the thing!

  1. Sweets for Your Sweeties

    Sweets for Your Sweeties
    Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, and whether you love or hate the holiday, there’s definitely one thing to be gained from it: delicious treats! Here are some styles that are sure to give you a sugar rush.
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  2. Loving Myself With These Plus Size Picks!

    Loving Myself With These Plus Size Picks!
    Valentine’s Day is commonly thought of as a day for romance, but I feel that the “day of love” can be applied to all types of love that exist, and all deserve to be celebrated. Love felt in friendship, relationships we have with our family members, romantic and self-love.
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  3. Opposites Attract

    Opposites Attract
    Valentine’s Day is a surprisingly big holiday for us – or maybe it’s not that surprising, if you consider that every pair of socks consists of two perfectly matched sole mates….. or do they?? Today we’ll be taking a look at our socks that don’t match, but still go together perfectly. Somehow we find them even more romantic than pairs that...
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  4. Colours: Dark Red

    Colours: Dark Red
    What colour other than red can we look at this month other than red? Dark red. No, trust us, it’s different.
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  5. The Language of Flowers

    The Language of Flowers
    What do your socks say about you? Use the language of flowers to decide!
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  6. Will you be our Valentine?

    Will you be our Valentine?
    With just a week until Valentine's day, we've got some sweetheart styles for you to check out!
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  7. Socks in love

    Socks in love
    Valentine’s day is coming up and sock love is in the air!
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  8. Love love LOVE!

    We are a few days into a new month, complete with a new theme and a new newsletter due to be shipped soonly through the virtual tethers that connect us all... Have you signed up yet?
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  9. Valentine's Day!!!

    Did you get what your heart desired? or do you despise this day with all your heart? either way... we'd like to give you a little treat on us. 20% off anything on our site as long as you complete your order by noon (west coast time) Wednesday February 15th. All you have to do is enter SockLove2012 in the...
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  10. Valentine's Day is coming

    ...complete with a sweet, but not gaudy, theme for February and a collection of some of our favorite socks for sweethearts and dear friends alike. If you don't celebrate we don't mind... just look past the hearts and find your new socks stashed all over our site (don't worry, there are clues everywhere to help you find...
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