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What is a knee sock anyway? Or a bed sock? Socks share some specific terms that can be confusing if you're not familiar with them. We're here to explain the ins and outs of all this sock slang. We cover the basics in our Sock Glossary, but that only touches the simplest explanations of all these singular sock From specific styles like “boot socks” to things as simple as “crew socks” we’ll take the time to show you what we’re talking about. Once you understand the terminology a little more it'll be even easier to find the socks you're looking for!

  1. Stylish Tubes

    Stylish Tubes
    The term "tube sock" may bring to mind a sport sock, but in actuality tube socks are simply socks without a formed heel—a literal tube of fabric, that will fit a much wider range of feet than a sock with a designated heel.
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  2. Sweater Sock Season!

    Sweater Sock Season!
    It is now September, and that is amazing, because fall is starting, meaning we get to pull out all of the best and coziest layers! That means boots, jackets and, you guessed it, sweaters! The only thing better than layering up all of these elements is having a great pair of sweater socks to go with them, and that, dear...
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  3. What is a Kilt Sock?

    What is a Kilt Sock?
    The kilt is one of the most iconic symbols of Scotland, right up there with thistles, bagpipes, and haggis. Countless works of art and media depictions feature strong, proud warriors in full tartan splendor. The original kilt has its roots in the 16th century, but folks are still rocking this traditional garb--and not just in Scotland! Modern kilts run the gambit...
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  4. Footies, no-shows and liners, oh my!

    Footies, no-shows and liners, oh my!
    Sharp eyes may have noticed some category name changes. What does this mean? A simpler shopping experience!
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  5. What is: "T-shirt like"?

    What is: "T-shirt like"?
    How is a sock like a t-shirt? Well, luckily the answer is easier than how a raven is like a writing desk, but not by that much.
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  6. Talkin' toe seams

    Talkin' toe seams
    Let’s talk toe seams, particularly about the “woven toe seam”—perfect for sensitive toes!
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  7. What is a halo?

    What is a halo?
    There’s totally a word for those wooly yarn fuzzies that keep you warm or cause itchiness if you’re sensitive.
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  8. What is a Legging?

    What is a Legging?
    Footless tights or leggings? What’s the difference and which do you want when you wanna keep things covered?
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  9. What is a knee sock?

    What is a knee sock?
    Knee highs mean they come to your knees, right? Well, what about “knee socks,” are those different?
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  10. What is a boot sock?

    What is a boot sock?
    “Bootsock” or “boot sock?” Is it just a sock you wear with boots? Find out!
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