1. Stories from New England
    08/10/2015 Rae
    Events, Costumes & Cosplay

    Stories from New England

    For our latest adventure, the events team and I took flight across the country to participate in another comic book convention. This one took place in the gorgeous city of Boston, right on the Harbor. What a city! The days...

  2. Next Stop: Boston Comic Con
    07/24/2015 Rae
    Uncategorized & Events

    Next Stop: Boston Comic Con

    Yes! Sock Dreams is coming to New England. From July 31st to August 2nd, we will be bringing our socks, our con exclusives, and a bunch of free swag to Boston Comic Con. We will also bring with us a special...

  3. Sockpocalypse: Stockings for a Dystopian World
    07/08/2015 Rae
    Events, Costumes & Cosplay

    Sockpocalypse: Stockings for a Dystopian World

    The legends say that we were made from sugar, spice, and, I don't know, niceness. The thing is, when the world has gone to the wolves, sugar is hard to come by. Spice is a luxury. And niceness? That can get you...

  4. Socks for Pride
    06/25/2015 Rae
    Uncategorized, Events & Gay Pride

    Socks for Pride

    June is LGBT Pride Month and we celebrated by vending at our home town's festival, Pride NW. We had an absolute blast and sold a lot of rainbow socks. For those of you who may be looking to express your own pride...

  5. Our next event: Pride Northwest!
    06/05/2015 Rae
    Uncategorized, Events, Portland & Rainbows

    Our next event: Pride Northwest!

    We had a great time at our last event, Denver Comic Con. There were over 100,000 nerdy enthusiasts in attendance over the weekend. We got to meet thousands of amazing people and made quite a few new Sock Dreams fans. We...

  6. The Perfect Socks for Denver Comic Con
    05/21/2015 Lucy
    Events & Cosplay

    The Perfect Socks for Denver Comic Con

    Many of us Dreamers are big fans of Cartoon Network's Adventure Time, so when we saw the latest Dream Stocking Design—the Sporty Striped OTKs—Fionna the Human was the first thing that came to mind. For years, we’ve had people emailing...

  7. Some new friends from Chicago
    05/04/2015 Rae
    Uncategorized, Events, Costumes, Photo Contest & Cosplay

    Some new friends from Chicago

    For us, Chicago's Comic and Entertainment Expo, came and went in a blast of frigid wind, a sprinkling of unseasonable snow, and a mad rush of pop culture enthusiasm. As you can imagine, we ran into a wild assortment of sock loving characters. ...

  8. Bright Lights, Emerald City
    04/03/2015 Rae
    Uncategorized, Events, Seattle, Places, Costumes & Cosplay

    Bright Lights, Emerald City

    We clicked our heels three times and have finally made it home from Emerald City Comic Con. While there is definitely no place like home, we have to admit that ECCC was an amazing adventure. The best part about it...

  9. Cosplay Corner: No-Sew Thigh High Boots
    03/16/2015 Rae
    Events, DIY, Costumes & Cosplay

    Cosplay Corner: No-Sew Thigh High Boots

    Your cosplay is almost perfect. You've got your skirt and your corset. You've got your wig and your peace bonded weapon. The only thing you need to pull  it all together is a pair of colorful thigh high boots. Buying expensive footwear is out...

  10. Coming to a Con Near You
    03/03/2015 Rae
    Uncategorized, Events, Portland, Seattle, Gay Pride, Costumes & Cosplay

    Coming to a Con Near You

    If you are like us, you've spent hours browsing the website. You've gotten lost in the colors, the patterns, and textures. You’ve daydreamed about ways to layer and outfits to wear. But sometime, don’t you want to be able to...